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5 Promising Crypto Projects You Should Definitely Follow to in 2022

Crypto Projects

Thousands and even millions of people from all around the globe try to earn via cryptocurrency. It is a digital currency that can be exchanged into any real currency. By investing in the right projects, one can earn a lot. It is not controlled by banking systems and gatekeepers to provide you with freedom of action. You only need to find a good crypto platform to receive regular updates.

For example, you can visit chainbroker.io. It is a highly reputed crypto platform, which provides its clients with updated news about the latest changes and tendencies in the world of cryptocurrency. We have also used its help to write this informative overview.

Harmony Launcher

Our comprehensive guide starts with Harmony Launcher. It is a decentralized IDO + IGO launchpad, which is turned into a real incubator for the creation of start-ups. You can earn in the way you want thanks to its reliable ecosystem. Make allowances for its major dividends for users:

  • Various tools and conditions to create a start-up;
  • An interactive and simple interface;
  • Legal operations;
  • Fair allocation;
  • Fast access to various platforms;
  • Multiple partnerships;
  • A strong team of support;
  • 24/7 accessibility and supervision.


The second crypto project we would like to present comes under the name Lunaverse. This is the Terra blockchain, which unites 3D models of real cities and NFT properties that can be developed, bought, and sold at need. Take a look at the benefits it offers:

  • Monetarized processes;
  • High chances to earn via selling and buying NFT properties;
  • Incredible 3D modeling of real cities;
  • A boosted gameplay;
  • Amazing graphics;
  • Great return fees.


You should pay attention to a crypto fund called Defiato as well. This project is a powerful combination of DeFi staking, financial options, and yield farming. This platform helps all users to invest and support the blockchain projects they prefer. Thus, everyone can earn according to his or her needs. Make allowances for the next features of this platform:

  • Access to various crypto platforms;
  • High staking;
  • Boosted safety;
  • 100% customization;
  • 100% decentralization;
  • Multiple partnerships;
  • On-chain trading support;
  • Easy functioning.

Pax World

Another great option to choose is known as Pax World. It is about owning digital land, developing it, and selling or renting it. Everything can be done according to your desires to enrich your income. On average, this project offers the next advantages for users:

  • Access to NFT market;
  • High chances to earn money;
  • Various items and features for development;
  • A strong team of support;
  • An intuitive and simple interface;
  • Regular updates.

Crypto Projects


The last crypto project on our list is called Wizardia. It is a great play-to-earn game, which can take you by surprise. You will have to fight in the arena and win with the help of heroes with vivid skills. Thanks to this project, you can earn a lot. Its main benefits are as follows:

  • A rich choice of characters with unique skills;
  • Various battling events;
  • Rich inventory;
  • High staking and return fees;
  • Good chances to win and earn;
  • A vivid and impressive interface.

You will be quickly engulfed with this game. Fight now to win and earn a lot of money!

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