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5 Tips for Choosing the Top Content Marketing Agencies for You

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Did you know that quantity, quality, and the measurement of performance are the top content marketing priorities for most marketing agencies? 90% of marketers might tell you that another of their priorities is repurposing content so that it can become more effective!

These are things that top content marketing agencies would know and prioritize if they’re working on your brand and its content. But how do you know whether the agencies you’re looking at are considered top-notch? Keep reading to find out how you make the right choice.

Tip 1: They Show Proven Results 

Without you having to ask them, as a potential new customer, a top content marketing agency should be able to share with you solid, real case studies of customers they’ve actually worked on.

You’re going to see on what level the customer started, what processes the agency followed to get results, and what kind of results they were able to achieve.

Bonus points if the agency has case studies relevant to the industry that you operate in.

Tip 2: Check Out Their Content 

One surefire way of checking the caliber of top content marketing agencies is by analyzing the content that they put out themselves.

Is their content original? Is their content top quality?

Take some time to make comparisons of some agencies and you’ll see a clear difference between those that know what they’re doing and those that fit into a mold. You want the guys who are creating and publishing multiple types of content.

Tip 3: Buyer’s Journey And Client Goals 

When you start a discussion with your potential content marketing agency listen for the two phrases:

“Buyer’s journey” and “Client goals”.

These two phrases show that the content marketing agency you’re considering will not create content on a whim, they’ll be considering the journey of your target buyer and take into account your goals when building a custom package for you.

Tip 4: They’ve Got Cool Tools 

This may not be immediately visible to you but over a few conversations, the potential agency will likely drop names of some of the tools and software that they use to get the job done.

Take notes of these names and do some research into the tools that they’ve got in their arsenal.

When you pick the right agency, your brand basically gets access to the best tools content marketers can ask for.

Tip 5: They’re Everywhere 

Content marketing agencies do not operate in isolation. They do not operate in silos. And one thing is for sure, they do not limit themselves geographically.

Content spans cities, countries, and continents: the best content agencies will be able to offer their services to your brand no matter where you are, learn more about that.

Top Content Marketing Agencies: The Cream Of The Crop 

Once you’ve gone through your list of top content marketing agencies, you’ll likely find yourself with a shortlist of potential candidates. The last thing you’ll do is have an introductory meeting with each of them, and remember to trust your gut, your instincts will tell you which will be a good fit for your brand.

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