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7 Battlefield 2042 tips to know before you play

7 Battlefield 2042 tips to know before you play

Battlefield 2042 promises to give you a thrilling multiplayer gaming experience with its chaotic warzones. It has 64 players on the opposing team who are waiting for an opportunity to shoot you anytime. Indeed, Battlefield 2042 is a challenging game for the players.

However, Battlefield 2042 hacks have a team of in-house programmers who offer you undetected hacks. The hacks are protected from the anti-cheats that increase your survival chances in the game. It is no less than a challenge to survive in Battlefield 2042.

But how to increase your effectiveness in the game? Here are 7 Battlefield 2042 tips that you should know before you play.

1.  Explore loadouts

Try to spend some time in the lobby with the loadouts. You can pre-build Medic, Assault, and Recon builds that can switch between in-game with the Specialist you choose. You can unlock and function a range of pistols, SMGs, assault rifles, and sniper rifles.

Try to be creative and consider what can pair with your favorite Specialists, secondary gadgets, and tactical equipment available. You can also assign multiple attachments to your weapons to make their best use.

2.  Prepare your weapons

One of the new additions to Battlefield 2042 is that it allows swapping weapons attachments while in the field. It enables switching between underbarrel, unlocked barrel, ammunition attachments, and the scope of your weapons. It helps you respond to the multiple threats that arise while playing.

The switching between weapons is easy to use, but you likely forget to do so in the game. However, preparing your weapons for any situation can be a game-changer for pushing off the enemies.

3.  Experiment with Specialists

Battlefield 2042 has new surprising additions for the players. The game’s ten specialists can use all the weapon categories and their combat Traits and own unique Speciality gadgets. You have more freedom for creating loadouts that can fit your playstyle. So, do not avoid experimenting with the specialists and switch between your Specialists.

Battlefield 2042 is not about running and gunning. You can earn a specific amount of XP to push through the battle pass ranks by playing a particular role. Equip an ammo box and start delivering the ammunition to your squad to assist their needs.

4.  Swap your outfit

Have you ever wondered why soldiers wear camouflage? It makes it difficult to recognize them. Battlefield 2042 allows you to change outfits anytime during the game. You can wear tan stuff in the desert or a dark outfit at night, or green -colored outfit in the grassland. So, do not forget to take advantage of the benefit that the game offers.

You need to set up your attachments tactfully in the match. Doing so can help you turn into a one-person army. Make the innermost slot your short-range loadout to be ready for any challenge.

5.  Call vehicles

Traditionally, you have to spawn at HQ back to get a vehicle in an emergency. You have to drive or fly the vehicle back to the combat area. However, Battlefield 2042 has launched a call-in system that can help find a ride for you if you are in a hurry while in the match. You can get a combat vehicle at your position quickly if your squad needs a little more firepower or fast transportation.

6.  Get a higher ground

Getting the higher ground in Battlefield 2042 will make a massive difference in the game. It is pretty helpful concerning increasing map size and verticality. Tactical positioning is critical in Battlefield 2042, similar to pulling the trigger. Look for zip lines so that you can traverse the map quickly and get you into solid positions.

It will make it difficult for the enemies to engage you elsewhere. Consider your positioning and height to attack or defend objective points.

7.  Play the objective

Battlefield 2042 is all about playing the objective by the team more than skills your squad possesses. The game is all about the objects that include capturing sectors, playing a specific role, and supporting your team. You will not go far in the game if you do not play the objective. You can earn XP by capturing sectors and pushing them into clusters.


Battlefield 2042 is not an easy game. It is always better to know the various aspects of the game before diving into a match. Knowing a game better will help you survive till the end. Go through the above tips before you start Battlefield 2042 to win the game!

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