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7 Steps to Finding the Perfect Flat in Pune

Perfect Flat in Pune

Step 1: move out of your hometown.

Step 2: move into your fabulous new apartment in Pune.

Step 3: have the time of your life! Well, we wish it were that simple. But finding a great rental flat in Pune can require a little bit more effort and determination. And with a strong focus and some smart guiding points, you can make the move in the most stress-free way possible. The secret? Getting organised with your search. Which is where we come in. We’ve managed to narrow down seven sure-fire steps to get you on the path to finding your perfect flat.

1. Fix your budget

Money, money, money, it’s always sunny in a rich man’s world. Well, ABBA said it so it must be true, especially when it comes to finding a flat. Your dream place has to be within your budget so that you’re not breaking the bank on living expenses alone. So, it’s important to set a realistic budget for yourself. Do your research about the cost of living in Pune, the average rental rates in different areas and the housing options available to you. Don’t forget to include some basic utilities and food costs in your rental budget to give you a clear picture of your major expenditure on a monthly basis.

2. Do you want to live alone?

The second thing you need to decide is your lifestyle in Pune. Are you content to live in a PG or a hostel with several other people your own age? Do you want an upgraded lifestyle in a managed accommodation like Stanza Living? Do you just want the complete freedom and privacy that comes from living in a 1BHK or a studio apartment? Or do you want to get together with some of your friends and rent a place to live together? All of these factors will determine the rent you can afford, the amount of space you’ll require and the areas in which you should start your search. So, make sure you’ve decided who you plan to live with right at the start.

3. Focus on one or two neighbourhoods

When you’re moving to a city like Pune which has so much to offer in terms of accommodation it can be tempting to spread your search to as many parts of the city as possible. But in order to make a smart decision, focus your search on just one or two neighbourhoods in detail. You want a location that will minimise your travel time, as well as a neighbourhood that’s safe and clean and accessible to public transport and other services. So, draw your shortlist up from the same area. This will also be handy when you’re conducting site visits.

4. Visit your top options (but not too many)

When it comes to conducting site visits there can be too much of a good thing. If you’re going to visit over ten different places and buildings, you’ll find them all running into each other and find it difficult to decide. Instead, try and weed some options out of your list by doing closer research online. You can easily read reviews, check out the neighbourhood and select your favourites to visit. When you’re visiting the properties, make sure that you make notes and take photographs of what you like and dislike. This will help you decide later. Don’t forget to take the opportunity to ask your landlord questions about the flat or the building so that you can get an idea of what life will be like in the area.

5. Check out the neighbourhood

Finding a great place to live is not just about putting a roof over your head. It’s about making a home for yourself and finding a place that matches your lifestyle. So, make sure that you get a feel of your prospective neighbourhood before you settle on an apartment. Take a walk through the streets and see the sites. It’s best to visit the area during both day and night time so you can gauge the safety and vibe of the place, best. If you’re a foodie, you might prefer an area with a lot of cafes and restaurants. And if you’re a fitness junkie, you’ll want your apartment to be down the road from one of the best gyms in Pune. Getting to know the neighbourhood will give you an idea about whether the area is a good fit for you.

6. Review your rent agreement

When you finally settle on a place, you’re going to have a rental agreement to sign. And don’t just do that blindly without reading any of the fine print. You have a right to know what you’re owed as a tenant. If your landlord has any rules, or if the building has any restrictions, these should be specified in the lease agreement. And it should also contain information about which utilities are included in the rent. Make sure you go over the different clauses with your landlord so that you’re not caught unawares during your tenancy. And of course, if your landlord insists on only an oral agreement, consider it a red flag, and get out of there.

7. Plan for your move to Pune

You’ve finally found a perfect flat in Pune! Now it’s time to get yourself there. Ask your landlord when you should expect to move in. This is especially important if the flat you’re interested in has a previous occupant, as the landlord might take some time before you move in to do maintenance or repair work. You should also plan for your moving day needs. If you’re booking a packing and moving company, will you need to get permission for them to park their vehicles? If you need to reserve an elevator or secure permission from your building, make sure you have all the arrangements figured out in advance.

And there you have it. Seven easy steps to finding and moving into your dream home in Pune. So, go ahead and put these steps into action. We’re confident that you’re going to be bowled over by the flats that you find.