A beginner’s guide: Poker hands

If you’re hoping to put your perfected Poker face to good use and try your hand at the game, then you’ll need to know the Poker hands in order to make the most out of your gameplay. A great way to put your knowledge to the test is to play the online casino games for UK players at griffoncasino.com, where you’ll be able to sit behind your screen and compare your digital cards to our list, help you figure out what move to make next. Or, you could play amongst friends before visiting a land-based casino and walking into that Poker room with confidence.

Read on for a complete list of Poker hands rated from highest to lowest, so no matter where you play, you’ll have all the knowledge you need.

Royal flush

A Royal flush is a hand made up of an Ace, King, Queen, Jack, and 10, all in the same suit. This is the best Poker hand you could possibly have, but of course, has the lowest probability – making it incredibly rare.

Straight flush

A straight flush is like a royal flush but can be made up with any card values, as long as they’re consecutive and are made up of the same suit.

Four of a kind

You can probably guess what it means to have four-of-a-kind. That’s right, four cards of the same value can make up this hand.

Full house

This is one of the more common hands. A full house is made up of three cards of one value, and two cards of another value – essentially a trio and a pair!


A flush is comprised of five cards that are all of the same suits. It doesn’t matter if they’re consecutive, they can be of any value, as long as they’re all either Spades, Clubs, Diamonds, or Hearts.


A straight is formed when you have five cards in numerical order. They don’t have to be of the same suit, as this would make a royal flush or a straight flush, they should just go in order. For example A, 2, 3, 4, 5.

Three of a kind

Getting three-of-a-kind is when you have a hand with three cards of the same value. The other two cards will be different from each other, becoming less relevant, and your chances of winning will be based solely on the three cards of the same value.

Two pair

This hand is essentially made up of two different pairs. The fifth card won’t really matter, and if you were to have two pairs, and another player also had two pairs, and both your hands were the highest of the game; then the person with the highest value pair would win.


A pair is made up of two cards with matching values, for example, two Kings would make a pair. The other three cards would be of different values, becoming irrelevant.

High card

When you haven’t made any other hands, you’ll be relying on your highest card to bag you that win. Whilst it’s rare you will win with just a high card, it can depend on the situation of the game situation. If it’s not looking like you’ll at least make a pair though, you might want to consider folding, or you could bluff your way to the end and see what happens!

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