Age Verification in Gaming – Ultimate Solution for Minor’s Protection

Age Verification in Gaming – Ultimate Solution for Minor’s Protection

The trend for online gaming is gradually increasing worldwide. Statistics show that the online gaming community is expected to exceed 1.3 billion US dollars by 2025. The gaming industry is rapidly growing and minors are also drawn to it. They are getting involved in gambling activities which are alarming for parents as well as the e-gaming platforms. Fraudsters are targeting minors for performing illegal activities. It is the legal requirement for gaming platforms to verify the age of gamers for the protection of minors.

Kids can easily bypass age verification procedures that include “ I am above 18” or the date of birth field. Filing false information is not a complicated task for minors. Hence, there is a desperate need to practice efficient age verification processes. There are various ways by which online age verification solutions can help the gaming industry secure its platform and protect minors.

What Is Age Verification?

Age verification is a process of verifying the end user’s age and identity before purchasing any age-restricted product. It is the legal obligation for online gaming industries and business platforms to implement effective age verification checks on customers to prevent minors’ access to adult-oriented products and services.

Advantages Of Age Verification

Social Responsibility

It is the responsibility of age-restricted gaming platforms to avoid the onboarding of minors and protect them. Minors can use fake information to bypass the inadequate age verification checks. Digital age verification solution is a robust solution for preventing underage access.

Compliance With Identity Verification Regulations

Identity verification laws by regulatory authorities have become more rigid with time for online businesses. Other than FATF regulations, there are various other laws from COPPA and the UK gambling commission for the protection of minors. To comply with these regulations is not an easy task. With Digital age verification, it will be convenient for online gaming service providers to fulfill the regulatory requirements.

Fraud Elimination

Identity theft is increasing among online gaming platforms with time. Minors bypass the registration process by filling in the fake information while fraudsters use counterfeit identities to harm minors on the gaming platform. Other than various types of identity theft, chargebacks are another challenge for merchants selling age-restricted products. With digital age verification measures, e-gaming platforms can identify and eliminate suspicious activities.

Protect Minors

On online gaming platforms, fraudsters connect with minors and use them for malicious activities. The lack of robust age verification checks will make it easy for imposters to exploit minors.

Maintains Positive Brand Image

Establishing a better brand image among customers is a critical challenge. Robust age and identity verification checks ensure reliability and create trust among gamers. As a result, brand image is improved.

Types Of Age Verification Checks

Implementation of age verification checks is required by law. Online gaming industries have various options to make the age identification process more secure. Have a look at how age verification is performed:


The conventional method that each company uses is the checkbox. Users are required to tick the checkbox entitled “ I am above 18 ”. During the onboarding process, the minority of platforms require the user to submit his date of birth details. It ensures that the user is above the legal age limit. But, these measures are not successful anymore, as minors tend to provide fake date of birth information, and just filling the checkbox is a child’s play for minors. Therefore, the adoption of advanced age verification checks is required.

Credit Card

Utilizing the information of payment cards for authentication is a more reliable option particularly in the gaming sector. With card verification, cardholders will be informed of every activity. In case, a minor uses the card for registration, his parents will be able to take necessary measures to protect him. Invalid card verification will cause chargebacks. Parents can claim a refund for any transactions made through their credit cards. Furthermore, minors can utilize fake credit cards to complete the process. Gaming platforms need a safer mechanism to prevent chargebacks.

Liveness Detection Check

Liveness detection is a more robust and secure method for verifying age online. Whenever the player is onboarded, liveness detection identifies customers and prevents spoof attacks in real-time. The utilization of 3D depth perception, skin texture analysis, and liveness detection measures will facilitate gaming platforms to prevent fraudsters and minor’s accessing their platform.

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