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Are you a fan of manga? Mangastream is definitely for you!


A manga is a comical representation of cartooning which was originated in Japan. All your childhood anime cartoons are an extension of their manga series. There are different websites on the internet that provide you with easy access to your favorite manga. mangastream was one such site that had a user-friendly interface for easy access to different kinds of manga. Unfortunately, Mangastream is no more functioning but we bring you a list of alternatives for Mangastream. Due to the current pandemic situation worldwide internet usage has been increased and people have reached distances to find their favorite cartoon shows, anime episodes, and their respective manga.

mangastream has dominated the internet comics scanlation for the past decade along with other renowned sites like Onemanga. mangastream went off the internet in the month of February this year.

What happened to Mangastream?

There has been no official statement from Mangastream or their small-sized staff about the sudden shutdown of the Mangastream website.

However, folks at Reddit did some digging to find the stepping stone of this abrupt closure. Earlier this year, Sheishua, the publisher of WSJ manga subpoenaed Cloudflare in a US court, asking for details of the Mangastream owner. This has led to speculations over the chain of events that may have led to the close of Mangastream.

What was illegal about Mangastream?

The artists and the creators of manga put in a lot of hard work in selling the manga, but sites like Mangastream provide free access to the viewers. This leads to copyright infringement.

In this article, we bring you a compiled list of the alternative sites for Mangastream.

Here is the final compiled list of alternative sites. The following sites include:

# MangaDex

# Mangastream.today

# Mangastream.xyz

# Tenmanga.

# Mangahere

# Mangaowl

# AnimePlanet

# MangaReborn

# mangaPanda

# mangaeden

# MangaKakalot

# MangaGo

# MangaPark

# Comixology

# Chia-anime

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When preparing the list of MangaStream alternatives, Mangadex ranks above all other websites. The website is known to offer different kinds of Manga comics in various versions available. The Versions might include Colored Manga Comics, Fan-fiction endings, and crossover manga series.

Just like Mangastream, the website MangaDex also offers comics in 20 different languages including English, German, French, Italian and Russian. You can also join the community forum on the website and get connected to other like-minded people.



If you are one of those original Mangastream User interface lovers then checking out this website is a must. Mangastream.today has one of the best and simple User interfaces when compared to other Manga websites on the list.

Mangastream.today provides you with the latest versions of all your favorite Manga Series on the internet. The website is also known to constantly update its Database to offer new Manga comics to its readers.


3. Mangastream.xyz

mangastream.xyz is another website offered by the same developers behind the Mangastream.today. The website offers you a very similar User interface and options that you get on MangaStream.today. Browse through the Trending, Popular, or New Manga comics to read some interesting stories online.

If you ever face any issue browsing Mangastream.today, we recommend you to visit this website and fulfill your desire of reading Manga online.

4. Tenmanga

Tenmanga is another great alternative to MangaStream. The website offers Thousands of good Manga comics to read. You can simply browse through different categories such as Anime, Adventure, Military, Mystery to open and read your Favorite Manga comic.

The biggest advantage Tenmangs offers is its ability to view the full chapter on a single screen with fewer ads. This way, you can eliminate the disturbing ads on your computer and enjoy reading Manga without any interruption.



MangaHere is a great option if you are looking for MangaStream alternatives. The website offers more than 10,000 Evergreen comics and the list keeps increasing daily with a new and engaging list of Manga comics. The website’s popularity has also caused a lot of issues to its Domain. The website is known to keep changing its domain name to skip the radar of agencies and DMCA complaints.

MangaHere offers Manga comics in Japanese and a majority of comics available on the website are also from Hongkong Mangs, Chinese Manga, European Manga, and other Manga comics.



MangaOwl is a website where you can read free manga comics online. The website has a very simple yet intuitive UI with Manga comics spread across dozens of categories and genres. The website also offers you a discussion forum where you can connect with other manga readers and share your ideas.

You can register or Log in to this website to use advanced features and filters to sort the specific type of Manga you would like to read. Anyone looking for a better Mangastream alternative should not skip visiting this website.



AnimePlanet is considered to be one of the biggest Manga readers communities. The website offers you various tools and features to get your hands on unique and worthy Manga Comics. The User base and structure of this website make it a great alternative to Mangastream.

You can watch anime online, Read Manga Comics, Rate characters based on their ability and even join their discussion forum to get recommendations and suggestions in your favorite Manga genre. The website offers you a very clean and clever UI with limited ads and interruptions.



The next website on our list of Mangastream alternatives is MangaReborn. The website hosts a massive community of Manga Comic readers online. the developers offer you the website in 2 different languages that are English and Japanese. You can use the drop-down menu given at the extreme top right corner to switch between languages anytime.

MangaReborn also offers you Manga news where you can find out about the release of your favorite manga comic and read about other Manga comic stories. It is also known to get good recommendations by using their forum portal. You can also contribute to different forum discussions and questions to gain top ranking on the forum.



MangaPanda keeps you entertained with thousands of Manga comics to read online. Just like Mangastream, the Website offers High-quality Manga comics that you can read anywhere on any device. As we saw in the Surprise section on TenManga, Mangapanda also has a similar section where you can get unique Mangastream suggestions to read any different Manga Comic.



Even though the website might look old and confusing, don’t hesitate to browse through different pages and categories to get surprised by the Amazing and crisp content provided by Mangaeden. It has one of the best loading speeds making it easily accessible on any device even if your internet connection is slow.

You can read the complete Manga comic in the form of a PDF File. This way it helps you to organize your reading in a better way thus eliminating any disturbance.



If you are someone who is new to the Manga world or just starting their first Manga comic, this website is for you. You will be surprised to see how easily the Interface reacts to your every click and command. Also due to its simple and basic design, it makes Mangakakalot an easy option to search and read your favorite manga. You can also read the comment section given below every manga series to gain reviews and information about the basic storyline.

Anyone who tried visiting Mangastream can view this as a great option.



MangaGo is yet another alternative to our famous website Mangastream. However, it gives you an opportunity to read the completed manga stories without worrying about future releases. Just click the Completed Manga button given at the top header menu bar and start reading any popular Manga comic instantly. You can also visit the Directory or All Genre page to browse through thousands of Manga Comics available to read for free.

When you visit a Manga Comic Page, you can see all the related information such as Volumes, Author, Chapter count, Available Languages, and Genre to read and decide if you really want to start reading that specific Manga.



Visiting this website gives you an experience of walking in a park full of Manga Comics, the difference here is that you walk online by searching through the available categories. Just visit the website and use the search box given to search for any of your Favorite Manga comics. If you are confused about what to read, just head over to the Mangapark homepage and Read any Manga comic under the Popular Manga updates section.

The website offers simple navigation and an information box that anyone can understand. Get Ratings, Popularity, Author, Artist, Genre, and Status of any particular Manga magazine before reading it.


Comixology is a digital Comics platform owned by Amazon. The website gives you an option of either purchasing each comic separately or subscribes to their monthly plan which gives you the ability to access and reading over 25,000 Comics. However, this is not an exclusive Manga website and you might require additional time before getting a reading-worthy Manga comic.

For exploring the Manga Comics section on Comixology, Visit the website and click the Three lines at the top left corner. Look for the Manga option given just below the browse section and click it. Finally, scroll down to find out a list of New Manga Releases, Must-read Manga, and Popular Manga Comics on the Comixology website.

Anyone looking for a paid Manga stream alternative can opt-in for this website just for few bucks a month.



Though the website is filled with dozens of Ads, it is still worth visiting before trying any other Mangastream alternative. The website offers you an unlimited supply of quality Manga Comics that you would find on Mangasteam.

The content is constantly updated and the database is refreshed daily to get you the latest Manga comics, News, and updates. It is free to use and anyone can access hundreds of Mangas just by visiting the website.