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Best Alternatives to Kisscartoon for Watching Rick and Morty

Kisscartoon for Watching Rick and Morty

Cartoons have been an integral part of the lives of all of us since childhood. That excitement to finish our homework quickly and on time, only so we can switch on the television in time to watch our favorite cartoons on screen was an experience matched by none. For young kids, cartoons were a whole world within itself. It contained laughs, it contained fear, it contained excitement, it contained suspense, it contained happiness, it contained smiles! Find below Best Alternatives to Kisscartoon for Watching Rick and Morty.

With time, kids started exploring various forms of cartoons available to watch thanks to different industries working around the world. One such form of the cartoon is anime, which has become immensely popular and loved not just by kids but also by adults who are interested in anime which has turned out to be a booming industry having countless fans and hardcore followers. One such anime cartoon which is an immensely popular cartoon to watch and enjoy by the young kids watching it on various sources is Rick and Morty.

A cartoon loved by many, this cartoon depicting the story of a cynical, knowledgeable, and absolutely mad scientist Rick Sanchez and his grandson Morty Smith, and quickly became immensely successful amongst the kids and the youngsters for its unique theme and presentation. The series premiered for the first time in December 2013, and since then has attained a cult following not only amongst kids but also amongst the youth around the world thanks to its unique content and fun presentation. The show has been very well received both by the audiences as well as critics, the proof being that it has already showcased its 3 seasons, first in December 2013, second in July 2015, third in April 2017, fourth in November 2019, and the fifth season slated to release and premiere in June 2021.

Needless to say, with the growth in popularity, comes a growth in publicity and an enhancement in the eagerness of the people to search for it on multiple sources to find out what the fuss is all about. Until now, the channel responsible for premiering the show to millions of people around the world was Kisscartoon. But soon, people started feeling the need to find better alternatives to this channel. And thus started the quest of the people to find a suitable alternative to this channel to watch their favorite cartoon, Rick and Morty.

What is Kisscartoon? 

Before we begin our quest to find a suitable and best available alternative for the platform Kisscartoon, let us first try and understand who and what Kisscartoon is. Kisscartoon is a streaming platform slated to premiere the next season of Rick and Morty for its fans who are eagerly waiting to watch it. It is a streaming platform that has hundreds of anime cartoon shows to binge-watch and enjoy for kids as well as adults. The variety is so huge that it is being considered as one of the largest streaming sites for anime cartoons and shows like Rick and Morty.

Alternatives to the Kisscartoon website 

Now that we have understood the entire scenario and the need of the situation and the need to have alternatives to this site, let us have a look at some of the alternatives to this site wherein you can enjoy watching countless anime and cartoon shows without fearing about the site being a duplicate copy or being taken down by the authorities.

1. Animetoon.org

Kisscartoon for Watching Rick and Morty

Animetoon is one of the best options to get your daily dose of anime and cartoon from. A giant in the field of anime and cartoon broadcasting, the site consists of a wide variety of shows, from anime shows to movies to series and other cartoons. It has a wide variety of content on a website that is neatly designed, ensuring the user has the time of his life using it. The website is also easy to navigate within, thus ensuring an enhanced consumer experience.

2. Crunchyroll.com 

Kisscartoon for Watching Rick and Morty

Crunchyroll is a website which offers a wide variety of anime shows to watch and enjoy in both free and paid subscription. The website has a wide variety of shows to search and choose from. Every famous series ever in the genre of anime and cartoon finds its existence on this site. The website is aptly designed, ensuring that the users don’t face any difficulties in using it. And the model of both free and paid subscription enhances its consumer base, thus making it one of the most popular and widely used website to use.

3. Cartoonsons.com 

Kisscartoon for Watching Rick and Morty

Cartoonsons is one of the most famous names in the field of online cartoon and anime streaming available right now. The best part about this site is that it doesn’t require a subscription from the user to explore content on it and that everyone can enjoy good quality shows in high definition on the site, making it a great choice for ardent views. The website is easy to navigate through and use, thus enhancing the user and overall experience.

4. Kiss-anime.ws

Kisscartoon for Watching Rick and Morty

Kiss anime is another premier site where scores of anime movies are uploaded for you to see and enjoy. And what’s the best part about this website? The website does not need any registration from you and is free to use. Therefore, you can enjoy your favourite anime shows without worrying about creating a hole in your pocket. A well thought and well-designed website, if you are a fan of anime, then this site should be on your radar.

5. Cartoonnetworkasia.com

Kisscartoon for Watching Rick and Morty

There must hardly be any person in this world who hasn’t heard about this channel. A channel that has been the source of happiness for generations, this channel is arguably the most popular and well-known name on the list. The channel regularly premiers excellent anime episodes, so you can check it out and have your daily dose of anime. Also, it regularly updates its content on the website, so there is always a chance of finding your favourite anime cartoon here when you couldn’t find it anywhere.

6. 9anime.to

Kisscartoon for Watching Rick and Morty

Another popular name in the list of best sources to watch anime cartoons and movies. The channel consists of countless HD movies and shows in HD quality, ensuring you have the best of experiences while watching your favorite shows. The best part about using this website is that it demands zero registration fees, so you can watch your favorite shows without burning a hole in your pocket.

7. Disneynow.com/all-shows/disney-junior

Kisscartoon for Watching Rick and Morty

Disney now, also known as Disney junior, is a website that caters to the liking of both kids and adults. The site showcases scores of anime shows and movies that are liked by both kids as well as adults. The best part about this website is its incredible user interface, which makes it easy to navigate within, thus enhancing the user experience.

8. Kimcartoon.to

Kisscartoon for Watching Rick and Morty

Planning to download your favorite anime and cartoon show to watch it later at a time and setting comfortable to you? Well then, Kimcartoon is the ideal website for you. The website offers its users the option to download their favorite anime show and watch it later at a time of their choice, keeping it a step ahead of its competitive websites. The website caters to the needs of both free users as well as paid users, thus expanding its customer base.

9. Cartooncrazy.tv

Kisscartoon for Watching Rick and Morty

Cartoon crazy is a website that is heaven for those looking out for a website that has a wide variety of cartoon shows and films and doesn’t require a subscription fee from its users to enjoy those shows. This makes it a priority choice for people because they know that they will be served the best in the category without spending a dime, and that is a great pull for the customers by the website, thus enhancing its consumer base and evolving into being one of the most popular sites.

Anime is something that has created a special place for itself in the hearts of people over the years. Be it the young or the adult, everyone shows great interest in watching them and even the most ‘uninterested in movies‘ people turn into binge-watchers the moment it is about watching anime shows. In such a scenario, it is important that they choose the right website for watching these shows so that not only do they have an uninterrupted and safe anime watching experience but are also safe from the online hacking and cyber-attacks did by the hackers in lieu of your private information and money.

Thus, you should always be careful on which site you are trusting to enjoy your favorite anime shows and movies. Always run a background check on the website using trusted sources both online and human before trusting it. Because cyber-attack and theft is the new form of terrorism the world is facing, and no one is completely immune to it, not even you!

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Final Words!

We hope you have found the perfect anime streaming website as an alternative to Kisscartoon. There are many paid and free options mentioned in this article for you to choose from. As per your comfort and Anime needs, you can sign up for any service and start watching anime.