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Best online way to convert image to text easily

convert image to text

OCR technology was considered a very daunting and inefficient strategy in the early days. If you have ever been employed in an office configured with a text scanner, you have undoubtedly come across the term Optical Character Recognition more than once (OCR). OCR stands, simply, for Optical Character recognition. The detection of text within pictures, such as scanned documents and pictures, is a common technology nowadays.

convert image to text

OCR technology is used to transform nearly every form of the image containing written text into machine-readable text data (typed, handwritten, or printed). Presently, with technical developments and tons of software resources at hand, it is what you can access more easily to translate text from an image by utilizing this technology. If you are searching for the most basic and accurate sources for rendering images into text, this article might help you.

What is an image to text converter?

Image Text Conversion is a technology offered by an online application, as the title is giving you a hint. So, this is a digital OCR tool, as the name suggests, that helps you retrieve text from the images.

Optical Character Recognition, a free digital application, transforms the characters in an image into digitally formed characters. This technology allows every form of an image to be switched to a text format. You may also use the image-to-word converter technique to delete text from any written document. Thus, instead of meeting all the textual problems, it will encourage you to delete the text right from the image itself.

How does this technology operate?

OCR technology is an innovative technology that helps you to manage a picture and understand the text in the frame when it refers to switch an image into text format.

This technique may apply to text in written, typed, or printed form. The OCR online technique is the most efficient and reliable means for automatically or mechanically switching an image into machine-encoded text.

This technology is widely used for scanning documents. This is an error-free innovation that optically recognizes the text and transforms each character within an image into a digitally identified character.

As OCR software is designed to transform an image to the corresponding online format needed, the concept of character recognition is of a great deal.

The font used to regenerate the text in the picture requires to be specified by the technique. It gets you right results in contexts of blurred images or unidentifiable characters, or where the copy of the original text is of poor quality. If you are wondering to use this technology by yourself for converting images into text, you can do this. All you need to do is explore the internet and find out some of the best images to text converters but don’t worry we already have done this for you. Below is some best online image to text converters that will give you great results.

Some online image to text converters

These six tools below give their best offerings, without costing a single penny, to enable you to transform your picture into texts. You will probably find the best free OCR software you want if you’ve been searching for a way to turn pictures into words.

1.    Easy screen OCR online

Are you searching for a picture to turn into text online? If this is the case, then your correct choice can be Simple Screen OCR online. Using its strong OCR technology, this method can effortlessly turn an image into an editable text file.

convert image to text

What you need to do is drop the user interface data file, pick the conversion language, and then press the Upload and Convert button. So, that’s it! The entire method is quick and reliable, accurate, and precise.

2.    Prepostseo

The free OCR scanner tool by prepostseo is well recognized for converting images into easily readable formats efficiently and conveniently. It is free to use this online platform.  Without having some username or password, you can turn multiple images into text files at once.

convert image to text

It is quick to use and, without giving your data to any third party, it promises to secure your records. Low-resolution camera images can cause serious problems, but the prepostseo picture to text tool also saves you here. It is a famous online service that turns images into an easily understandable text format. All you have to do is insert the image file or paste the copied URL, and the powerful tool turns the image into text and displays the outcome in real-time.

3.    Convertimagetotext.net

Convertimagetotext.net is the best known and powerful free OCR software for text extraction based on the Internet.

convert image to text

It enables you to convert two pages per file at no cost to PDF format in no time. You can then start downloading the resulting file from the given website on your desktop afterward.

4.    OCRconvert.com

The captured version of PDF files and all image formats are converted to efficiently readable text documents on this web-based OCR site. This tool is intended to accommodate the massive number of files of large sizes. Numerous files can be picked and then OCR can be performed on each.

convert image to text

What you need to do is click the icon to search and then pick up a file. Then, for the input startup, you must select the language. The preference of this tool for the Upload and OCR method is picked immediately.

5.    Fine reader online

The famous free online OCR service that implements the OCR digitally is Fine reader online. It is easy to convert all the printed documents and articles, and it is also for free by using this tool. You can have a ten-page credit cap for 15 days upon registering for a free account.

convert image to text

The resulting file that is processed is perfectly integrated and CSV, JPG, BMP, TIF, PNG, and several more are some of the supporting input formats of this software. There is also an alternative on the website to translate the translated text into some other language.

6.    Free-ocr.com

Another example of a free online OCR translator service is Free-ocr.com. It may assist in extracting text from scanned copies or many images with text written inside instantly.

convert image to text

The best thing about this tool is that it needs no login and registration so anyone can use it whenever you need it.


You don’t have to strive to decode text from pictures by yourself, even though you have very good typing speed. This is because nowadays digital technology has gone so high that you do not need to do many struggles. OCR is one of that technology that was built for a reason and these resources that we have mentioned help you get the best out of it!

It’s quite a challenge for web developers to choose a text editor with the best results. As mentioned above, different editors can be checked online by the user. Many of these platforms are cost-free, although some have the paid edition for use. Every technology may have to count the dangers and benefits. Therefore, you have to pick the best resource that fits your requirement and all of the mentioned tools are trusted ones.