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Chirpty: How to Use It and Find Your “Twitter Interaction Circle”


If you use Twitter frequently, you may have noticed some accounts sharing their “Twitter interaction circle.” Everyone has friends (or acquaintances) with whom they spend the most time. This is mirrored in the social media network. The image that has been posted was created by a web program named Chirpty, which used the Twitter API. @Chirpty Team was created by @Duiker101.

What Exactly Is Chirpty?

Chirpty is a web tool that creates an image of the Twitter individuals you engage with the most. You do not need to log in to your Twitter account or obtain access to use the platform because it uses public data from the Twitter API.

The outcome, on the other hand, reflects this. Because I interact with mentions less and DMs more, and because I use responses to answer questions from strangers, my third “closest” circle includes people I don’t know well… Just think about it.

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How Do I Find Out Who Is In My Twitter Bubble?

  • Visit chirpty.com;
  • You will be notified if there are any open slots;
  • Fill in the blanks with your username;
  • Wait for Chirpty to produce a result and then download your image.


The system generates three circles that are arranged in order of “proximity.” The first has eight accounts, the second has fifteen, and the third has sixteen. These lists are not editable.

Before downloading Chirpty, the only thing you may modify is the background color.

Looking at the developer’s blog, I noticed that interactions were taken into accounts, such as when a person likes, replies, or retweets (RT) the content of other users. When other users connect with your account, it is not counted; nevertheless, when other users engage with your account, it is counted. Each of these steps in the algorithm was given a numerical value. “Because a retweet is unquestionably a stronger sign of interaction,” the developer explains.

Free Slots

If you tried to access the site and were stuck in a line for a “free slot,” Chirpty claims it’s because the Twitter API limits enable the app to make a specific amount of requests to Twitter every 15 minutes.

Users’ orders are generated on a first-come, first-served basis to adhere to the restriction. However, because there is always a way, there are places prepared for the so-called Chirpty Hopper, which allows you to skip the queue for $0.99.