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Confirm Form Resubmission (err_cache_miss) Error Solved in Chrome

Confirm Form Resubmission

The bulk of the time, people wonder what this Confirm Form Resubmission (err cache miss) Error is all about. Some people interpret it as a mistake in general, and others explain it as such. However, according to the Superuser posts, it’s a feature of Google Chrome.

This pop-up appears while you are either loading a previous web page into your browser or restarting your computer. Many individuals continue to encounter this pop-up on a regular basis, however, this defect keeps it from appearing in all versions of Google Chrome as well as a variety of other goods. The fundamental problem is that the forward and backward movements in Google Chrome are handled by a poorly constructed module. As a result, resolving the problem has become practically impossible.

Reasons of Confirm Form Resubmission (err_cache_miss) Error

This type of pop-up will appear if you press the reload button to resubmit the information, or if you refresh Chrome, or if you press the back button. As soon as you receive too many entries, be sure to try again later to appear on the browser.

The Confirm Form Resubmission isn’t a mistake, according to numerous discussion forums. It’s supposed to be a warning feature built into Google Chrome. The developer has included this function to avoid the web browser from inadvertently duplicating post operations on forms.

Despite the fact that this flaw exists in all versions of Google Chrome, it was regularly found by users. Similar difficulties have been reported in a variety of other browsers, so this isn’t only a Google Chrome issue. The most likely cause for this is that the component of Google Chrome that handles forward/backward movement is poorly designed. As a result, resolving this problem is difficult.

You’ll notice these kinds of pop-up alerts on websites that have forms. These are a few examples:

  • Registration and login forms
  • Forms for looking for information in a database
  • Transaction forms for credit cards

The information entered by the user in the form is sent to the server via the user’s browser. Additionally, when the web page is updated during the transfer, the information on the site may be duplicated. For example, suppose you’re filling out a form about specific transactions made with your bank card and then pressing the publish button. If you attempt to renew the site after the process has been completed, you will receive the dialogue Confirm Form Resubmission.

However, if such a feature does not exist, it is likely that you will have two transactions on your card. As a result, in order to avoid such mishaps, this particular functionality was created and is now being used. Though some people find popup messages bothersome, there are a few ways to get rid of them.

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Confirm Form Resubmission Error Fix

Because resubmission form errors are inconvenient and time-consuming. As a result, we’ve looked into and discovered precise methods for resolving the Confirm Form Resubmission Dialog Pop Up issue.

  • Substituting the Post Method
  • Google Chrome’s Browsing History can be deleted.
  • How to Use Google Chrome’s Properties
  • Turn off cross-browser motion
  • Reset Chrome’s Preferences
  • Disable Extensions That Have Been Corrupted
  • Employ the PRG Pattern.

 Replacing the Post Method

This MethodMethod is used to publish the information that the user has entered into the browser type. There are two approaches:

POST Method: Because the details entered into the class isn’t appended to the URL, the specifics aren’t visible to the person.

GET Method: Because the details are appended to the URL, the confidentiality of the information currently being transferred cannot be guaranteed.

You can alter the POST Method by retrieving MethodMethod if your post allows you to change site information. Follow the steps given below to do so:

Step one: Remove POST from the URL and focus on getting to the destination.


//Remove POST

<form action=index.php?load=SEARCHmethod=post>

//Use GET

<form action=index.php?load=SEARCHmethod=get>

Disadvantage: If you use Google Chrome or another browser on a daily basis, this isn’t the greatest choice.

Clear Browsing Data in Google Chrome

When the information is loaded in the type, the browser remembers it, and so information duplication is possible. As a result, there will be no time for repetition if you can persuade the browser to forget everything. As a result, you should strive to clear your browser history on a regular basis.

You must pick all of the options when clearing the information, such as passwords, browsing data, cached data, media licenses, and so on. After that, go back to the internet browser and see if the problem has been resolved. We can achieve this by taking the steps outlined below:

  • Open Google Chrome and click the three dots on the top right corner of the browser.
  • Select More Tools> Clear Browsing Details from the drop-down menu.
  • Select the information you want to erase from the Advanced Tab.
  • Finally, click Clear Data.

With the help of Google Chrome Properties

To fix the problem, we use this strategy to change the Google Chrome components. To begin, follow the steps outlined below:

  • First and foremost, right-click on the Google Chrome shortcut icon and select Properties.
  • A dialogue box will appear, and you will be able to locate an area called Target.
  • Now, because the target industry is visible in the image above. Simply add -disable-prompt-in-repost to your command line. After the target, there are no quotations.
  • After you’ve completed this, try reopening Google Chrome using the same shortcut.
  • Check to see if the same sort of dialogue appears or not when you refresh the page.

Necessary: If you’re using this method to fix the Confirm Form Resubmission error, you should have two browser shortcuts, one with the default characteristics and the other with the updated properties listed above. They should all be used in accordance with the user’s requirements. When working from a browser where information security is important, you should use the browser’s default settings to keep your personal information safe.

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Motion Across The Browser can be disabled

According to a few folks, the Confirm Form Resubmission is not a bug. It happens because the browser tries to post the type again after a refresh because it can’t cache POST requests due to a problem with the browser. Accidentally traveling backward or forward is one of the causes of this difficulty. We can fix this by turning off the internet browser’s motion buttons. You can avoid this problem on touch screen goods by removing the sliding option to move backward or forward. As a result, regardless of whether the occurrence occurs inadvertently or not, the dialogue will not appear.

Configuration Reset for Chrome

Confirm Form Resubmission

Resetting the browser’s settings could be one of the solutions. These issues could be caused by a poorly configured browser. As a result, it is frequently a realistic alternative to reset it. To reset your internet browser, follow the steps below:

  • To access the Control Menu, click the three dots in the top right corner of your browser.
  • Select the Setting option from the menu.
  • Show Advanced Settings can be accessed at the bottom of the page by scrolling down and clicking on the button.
  • After you’ve checked out the web page, select the option to Restore configurations to their authentic defaults.
  • Select Reset Settings.

Corrupted Extensions Should be Disable

Among the reasons for converting to Confirm Form are the following: The most common cause of resubmission errors is faulty extensions in your browser. We may remedy this by disabling the extensions, and then taking the following steps:

  • To access the Control Menu, click the three dots in the top right corner of your browser.
  • Select More Tools > Extensions from the menu bar.
  • Now, look through the list for the corrupted extension. Turn it off and on again.

All of the browser extensions you’ve installed are listed. For the time being, you must disable them and then re-enable them as needed. Next, see if the problem has been resolved by checking the webpage again.

Use The PRG Pattern

Any POST/Redirect/GET pattern is referred to as PRG. The forms on the page typically only use the P POST component of the PRG pattern, resulting in a Confirm Form Resubmission Error. Instead, the PRG pattern as a whole must be used. They can try to add a single page between that web page and the real page after it whenever a post requires a form. It does not post the information immediately on the server in this case.

The information from the form can then be posted to that website. Execute the necessary processes to build the web page, and then transmit it to the server. Because the type’s action industry is on the first page, the user is unable to go on to the next page. Instead of POST, the browser will remember to use go as its final approach. As a result, even if we mistakenly refresh the website, we will not encounter any complications.


The methods for resolving the Confirm Form Resubmission Error are as follows. You can try each of the answers one at a time. If any of the above options do not work, please leave a comment below and we will respond with a solution.