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Dark Phoenix Blazes Her Way Into Fortnite

Dark Phoenix

Jean Grey is no longer the woman that you once knew. The Dark Phoenix rises!

Known as the Fire and Life incarnate, Dark Phoenix has officially made her way into the huge metaverse of Fortnite. For those that aren’t familiar with the character’s lore, essentially, Jean Grey was hit by a cosmic force which resulted in her transcending into Phoenix but then was manipulated into something even darker. The result? Dark Phoenix. Phoenix already possesses powerful telepathic and telekinetic abilities in the Marvel Universe, to begin with, but following the events of the cosmic blast that occurred during a rescue mission, it ultimately set Jean Grey on an unexpected path. This brings us to having Dark Phoenix on Fortnite Island. The best part? You can get the skin in the Fortnite Item Shop now.

Additional Cosmetics for Dark Phoenix

Besides the skin itself, there are a bunch of additional accessories and knickknacks that you can get for Dark Phoenix to pretty her up. There’s the Rising Phoenix emote that perfectly encapsulates the supervillain. To complete the look, players can also get the Phoenix Force Back Bling in the Fortnite Item Shop.

The Wrath of the Phoenix Loading Screen is also another optional purchase, but given that it’s a loading screen, it’s not necessarily a must-buy for a lot of people. Players can get a bundle of the Dark Phoenix skin, Wrath of the Phoenix Loading Screen, and the Phoenix Force Back Bling for 1,500 V-Bucks. On the other hand, the Rising Phoenix emote can be purchased separately for 300 V-Bucks.

Leaks Hinted An X-Men Crossover Beforehand

For those that are updated on the many leaks that surface surrounding the potential cosmetics coming to Fortnite, this isn’t anything new. There were also leaks beforehand that indicated a “Phoenix Force set” to be in the works. Everyone’s favorite data miner, HYPEX, tweeted on social media that the newest Hotfix for the Epic Games title included labels for the set. This, of course, hinted that Jean Grey or Phoenix might be due for arrival soon.

Besides that though, there has been no previous speculation or indication that Jean Grey could come to Fortnite. But the possibility was still high due to other X-Men characters such as Mystique, Storm, and Wolverine entering the game.

An Array of Marvel Characters

Ever since the launch of Nexus War in 2020, pockets of Marvel references have been scattered across Fortnite in the form of new cosmetics and skins for TV-related and movie characters. It looks like crossovers with marvel aren’t stopping anytime soon as well. As Donald Mustard, the Worldwide Creative Director of Epic Games explained in a This Week in Marvel podcast episode, Nexus War is just the start of what they have planned for many years. It’s not the end; it’s the beginning.

Fortnite has grown into a bit of a bonanza when it comes to taking pop culture franchises here and there. With characters from an array of fictional universes entering the battle royale, there’s no telling what comes next. This includes many heroes and villains from the Marvel Universe. Perhaps the most notable event about that is the entire Marvel-themed season which we just had back in 2020.

The season brought a batch of content with characters such as Doctor Doom, Iron Man, Thor, and She-Hulk making an appearance. Until now, there’s a long list of Marvel characters that fans hope to see appear in Fortnite.


Whether you’re a fan of Marvel or DC, everyone wins when it comes to getting their favorite characters in Fortnite. With so many skins readily available in the Fortnite Item Shop at all times, you’re not wrong to think about when Epic Games will run out of ideas. People forget that pop culture is a melting pot of smorgasbords.

Epic can choose to bring in superheroes, famous singers, and anime characters without batting an eye; it’s just a matter of choosing which one they should bring to their game. As it stands, Dark Phoenix is the latest addition to the Fortnite fam, and we’re hoping that other Marvel Universe characters will also pay a visit to the Island soon.

What do you think about Jean Grey/Dark Phoenix arriving in Fortnite? Let us know down below!

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