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Facing audio renderer error on YouTube? Here’s how to fix it

audio renderer error on YouTube

Many users have been reporting the error lately, and it’s not restricted to a specific version or app. It’s more of an internal issue. We have got some solutions for audio renderer errors on YouTube.

What is an audio renderer error on YouTube? How does it occur?

An audio renderer error is an audio-related error that occurs while playing a video on YouTube. It has occurred when there is a conflict between the sound frequencies of the Windows sound systems and the audio driver reported by them. The difference in sample rate from both applications causes this error to appear. Hence it is necessary to ensure that both application reports the same rate.

1. Unplug your audio speaker/headset

Multiple audio devices connected to a PC can also be the cause of Audio renderer error. Hence after disconnecting, try playing on YouTube again to check if the issue has been solved or not. If it does, then it’s better to connect only one of the audio devices that were connected previously.

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2. Run the Audio troubleshooter

There can be some internal audio driver problems that need to be resolved, audio troubleshooter can help in correcting those errors smoothly in just a few clicks.

audio renderer error on YouTube

  • Click on the start menu and type Troubleshooter
  • After that, click on additional troubleshooters.
  • Click on playing audio.
  • The troubleshooter will check any issues in the audio system and will resolve them automatically.

After using the troubleshooter, go back to YouTube and check whether the issue has been fixed. If it’s not, then head over to the next solution below

3. Change your audio driver settings

    • Now we will have to go to the driver settings to fix the issue
    • audio renderer error on YouTube
    • Open the Start menu, type Device Manager, and press enter
    • Then in the following list, double-click on the Audio inputs and outputs
    • Right-click your audio device from which you usually listen and click properties
    • Go to the driver menu, now from here you will have to choose individual options to determine which one fixes your issue.

Resetting your audio driver

  • Starting with disabling drivers, click on Disable device, click Yes
  • After a few seconds, click enable. Check if the issue has been solved

Updating the audio driver

  • If it’s not solved, click on update driver, then click on Search automatically for drivers
  • This process will take time as it will download and install drivers from the website
  • After updating, check whether the issue has been solved.

Roll back your audio driver

If still not solved, it is better to roll back to the previous version of the driver to solve the issue. Click on rollback driver, click on yes, and wait for the process to complete. After that, restart your computer and check if the issue is solved.

Uninstall your audio driver

Last but not least, you can try uninstalling the audio driver which can switch back to Windows default drivers. For that, click on uninstall the driver and click on OK. After the process is complete, restart your computer to make changes into effect.

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4. Correcting the sample rate both for Windows and ASIO driver

This option is helpful for users who are using Cubase for High-level Audio editing.

  1. Click on the speaker icon on the bottom right of the screen, click on Sounds
  2. In the Playback tab, click on your audio device and click on properties
  3. Go to the advanced tab, under default format choose a sampling rate you want to, and click on OK

audio renderer error on YouTube

4. Make the same changes in your ASIO driver

5. Restart your PC

5. For Dell users only

This issue was reported by Dell users which have been found out to be a BIOS-related issue. The company has released a software update for the same. Download it from the manufacturer’s website and install it to apply the fix.

We hope that the above-mentioned solutions would have fixed your Audio renderer error on YouTube. Tell us in the comments below which method has worked for you.