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Fix Message + keeps Stopping [Android S7-S9]

Message + keeps Stopping

All of us, especially Samsung mobile users, are well aware of this error with the “Unfortunately Messages has Stopped” or “Message + keeps stopping” error. In particular, Samsung S7, S8, S9, and S10 users continue to experience this error on their devices.

The error indicates that the default text messaging application is down for unknown reasons. Importantly, the bug is temporary and fixable, but in rare cases, it could be a serious firmware problem. Users will not be able to send or receive text messages because this will happen as the application crashes instantaneously.

The error must be corrected and reported immediately in order to fix the final text service. Any normal person can fix the error, especially if he or she has been using the text messaging feature before the error. So, if you have a mobile device and have a similar problem, we will let you know about the important solutions that you can apply.

Message + Stops on Android devices: Here’s the fix

It does not matter what Android mobile device you have, because the structure and software development of almost all devices are the same. If the error suddenly appears for no particular reason, it can be fixed immediately by starting troubleshooting first.

If the basic procedures are not followed or the problem persists, we will guide you through the basic methods and solutions. Let’s talk more about this.

Solution 1: Reboot the device

Message + keeps Stopping

This is a basic fact and we believe that everyone should try it before asking any expert. You need to make sure that the problem you are experiencing is not due to minor firmware issues. In cases of glitches, there are some application crashes and poor performance problems occurred.

So, try force restarting the device and see if the problem is fixed. To do this, hold down the Volume Up Button + Power keys for 10-12 seconds.

Your Android device will restart normally, but this time you will refresh your phone memory, including all apps and services. After restarting and activating the phone, open the messaging app and check again if it crashes. If the error still pops up, proceed to the next fix.

Note: Rebooting any device is the go-to solution to any problem you encounter and the error is not specific. In most cases, it fixes problems, especially if there are minor software or firmware issues. It depends on the nature of the problem you are facing, but in most cases, it works in the case of the said error.

Solution 2: Enable Safe Mode on the device

Message + keeps Stopping

Enabling Safe Mode on Android Devices Enabling Safe Mode is useful for troubleshooting. Because if we have an error due to any third-party applications, we will be notified immediately. Normally, in Safe Mode, all downloaded applications are disabled. Only apps that are enabled inactive and safe mode are pre-installed, prompting you to quickly identify the cause of the error. Safe Mood Device Booting is discussed below.

  1. Turn off the device first.
  2. Continue pressing the power button as soon as you get your device model name screen.
  3. When the device logo appears, for example, SAMSUNG, release the power button.
  4. After releasing the power key, now hold the volume down key.
  5. Hold the volume down key until the device restarts.
  6. When you see Safe Mode on the bottom left, release the volume key now.
  7. You are in device-safe mode.

Put your phone in safe mode; Try sending text messages to your number or someone else for testing. If an error appears after opening the application, it means that the problem is definitely in the firmware. However, if you can use the messaging app for a few minutes without any problems in Safe Mode, you should check out other apps that cause this problem. If you find one, remove it. This will eventually clear the error code.

Solution 3: Clear the cache and data

Message + keeps Stopping

Many users are confused about this, i.e., will clear the cache to solve my problem or error? Will I lose my contacts or anything?

The answer is yes to the first and NO to the second. The data and cache clearing process solves all software-related problems and resets almost everything.

They remove almost all cookies, personal data, user profiles, and passwords. If there is a problem with the hardware or firmware, it will not help, but if there is a problem due to the configuration or network plus software setup, deleting the cache and data will help by replacing all the files by default, especially the malicious ones. Let’s see how to do this.

Note: It is recommended to backup/ export your contacts & messages before performing the step. So that you don’t blast on us if it gets deleted.

  1. Go to settings and open apps.
  2. Look for pre-installed apps, go to Menu> Show system apps.
  3. Go to messages.
  4. Tap Storage and select the Clear Cache option.
  5. Tap on storage data and click on Clear/delete.

Note: You can also try to force stop on your device. This forces it to stop all running jobs and applications. This may help in some situations. This option is just above the clear cache option on almost all Android devices.

Remember that you will lose all messages, necessary data, and stored information. It is advisable to keep a backup if possible. After performing the above steps, open the messaging application now and check if the “Message has Stopped” error is cleared. If you are not satisfied yet, move on to the next solution.

Solution 4: Reset the device

Message + keeps Stopping

Resetting the device is a very complex and careful step because it sets everything by default. Simply put, the same device sends you to the starting point when you buy a new one. The best recommendation in this regard is to take a full device backup to avoid any problems.

Note: The device reset should be done carefully as we said earlier. If you do not back up properly you will lose everything. Also, as many users think, this term should not be associated with a device restart.

This error may cause the app to crash, which means that the messaging application is already installed and such important apps cannot be easily restored without resetting. Additionally, it is embedded in the firmware itself, and still having issues, it could indicate some serious firmware issues.

So, instead of uninstalling the app, you can do a master reset. Before that, you need to make sure that you have created a backup of all your relevant data and files, as they will all be deleted. Also, remove your Google Account from your device to avoid being locked out after the reset. After everything is set up, follow the steps below.

  1. First and foremost, make a secure and complete backup of your device’s internal memory. If you have a Samsung account and Anti-Theft is enabled, you must first enter your Samsung credentials to continue.
  2. Turn off the device completely.
  3. Continue pressing the volume up button and the power key. You must also press the Bixby key, which appears on the left side of your device. (if you don’t have it’s okay)
  4. When you see the green Android logo on the screen, release all the keys. You enter device recovery mode.
  5. Press the volume down key to scroll down and select the wipe Data Factory Reset option.
  6. Press the power button (it will work as proceed with the option)
  7. The master reset setup will now begin.
  8. When the master reset is complete, select the “Reboot system now” option.
  9. Press the Power key to restart the device

After you have completed all the solutions we mentioned above, you will surely get rid of “Messages has stopped” or “Message + keeps stopping”. If for some reason you still can’t fix the problem, you can get a different solution (other than the ones mentioned).

Additionally, you can find experienced software or hardware professionals who can check, debug and test for you. Last but not least the solutions given to you have been tested a lot and if the problem is not solved then most likely, the error is hair in hardware or firmware. It is advisable to take the device to the service center or with those who have the technical knowledge to make everything clear.

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