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Follow these simple steps to take care of your 14k-18k gold wedding band

14k-18k gold wedding band

There was a time nobody heard about men’s wedding bands. They were simply non-existent. Men didn’t wear any prominent pieces to showcase marriage. If you look at the evolution of these men’s products, you’ll find the previous generation of males 70-80 years didn’t wear any wedding rings or bands. However, things have changed a lot since then.

  • Shopping for these wedding bands and rings at reputable online marketplaces like Epic provides you with endless options.
  • If you buy gold, it’s a soft metal, but prone to tarnish and scratches. Gold bands necessitate additional care and maintenance for retaining their shine and sheen for a long time.
  • You need to polish them on a routine basis. For materials like palladium and platinum, have excellent quality and are resistant to daily exhaustion.
  • Men prefer platinum wedding bands because of their masculine appeal and durability.
  • Men also prefer titanium because they are hypoallergenic and hard. If your band is silver or gold, it needs regular polishing by a qualified and trained jeweler.
  • One polish might eliminate the piece’s rings. However, if there are deep rings, you might need to schedule some minor repairs.

Caring for 14k gold bands

The beauty of gold wedding bands is that they develop character and age over time. For those who don’t like the idea of these products scratching up, considering going for scratch-resistant tungsten wedding bands.

For a 14k gold wedding band’s daily care, do remember that exposure to chlorine, cleaning products, or other chemicals can ruin the metal. Avoid them as much as possible. 14k gold bands are actually very low maintenance. They don’t tarnish.

  • Cleaning them is pretty easy. Mix warm water solution with zero-detergent soap. Lightly brush the gold with a soft-bristled and gentle brush. Next, dry the product with a soft cloth.
  • To polish these bands, make sure you don’t remove metal from the piece as it will harm the piece’s integrity. You can send it back to Epic for a repolish.
  • For storing the gold wedding bands, don’t keep them with other jewelry.
  • You can keep the band in its original box to retain its pristine state. You don’t need to run behind a tarnish or scratch-proof bag.

Gold is amazingly prestigious and timeless, making it an unbelievably desirable and popular metal for a beautiful wedding band.

The cleaning frequency

To keep your wedding band looking its regal best, you need to clean it a few times every month. The process hardly takes five minutes. If the scratches are intensive, make sure you take it to a jeweler for specialist treatment.

You’ll find that harsher and more artificial cleaning treatments will deplete the rhodium plating on your favorite white gold wedding band. Regarding cleaning these rings in the shower, many of you wonder if moisture or water can damage the product.

Well, you’ll be glad to know that you can wear your 14k-18k gold band in the shower without jeopardizing the metal, regardless of it being white gold, rose, or yellow. However, don’t expose it to moisture often as it gradually reduces the piece’s shine.