Best tips to create a functional bathing space – Bathroom Renovation Toronto

A bathroom is a place where you refresh, unwind, and prepare yourself for a new challenging day. Therefore, it is vital to renovate your bathroom to enjoy spending some time in this space. You can call an expert to achieve your bathroom renovation in the best way.

However, to customize your bathroom, you can use a variety of tiling patterns to add character to your flooring. If you are deciding to renovate your bathroom, then you have come to the right place. This article will give you the best ideas to create a beautiful and complete bathroom renovation in Toronto.

1. Walk in the shower

A walk-in shower will be the best option if a tub is not necessary or your accessibility does not permit it. However, applying spray in your bathroom can increase the space of your bathroom because a bathtub is more space-consuming. Moreover, it also decreases the chance of slipping.

2. Shower bench

Having a bench in your bathroom can give you a feeling of relaxation while taking a bath. However, it seems uneasy to sit on the floor and take a bath. Adding a bench can make your bathroom more functional. Moreover, it will also add a sense of safety for washing clothes because it is uneasy to clean while bending. So make your mind to put a bench in your bathroom.

3. Double vanity

If more than one person is using the bathroom, then double vanity is an excellent choice. Double vanities can provide each person with their space to clean and get ready in the morning. Having double vanity can divide the bathroom into different parts that make it easy to clean. So start deciding to create a separate space for you without fighting over the mirror and sink.

4. Bathroom cabinet

You can create a closet in your bathroom to manage your things. However, it is more convenient than a hallway linen closet. Keep in mind that the cabinet must be halfway from the shower so that your towels do not get wet. So start investing in a bathroom closet to prevent the issue of forgetting your towel.

5. Heated floor

Sometimes it is an unpleasant experience to step into the cold tiles. However, you can apply warm tiles in flooring to get heat from the downside in the winter season. Having a heating system under your feet can prevent the shock of the chilly floor. So start putting some warm tiles in your bathroom to introduce ambient heat into potentially cold space.

6. Feature wall

You can create beautiful and decorative walls in your bathroom to experience a relaxing environment. However, you can use the best design tips to create a focal point in your bathing space. Use the eye-catching colors and patterns of nature to give a natural touch to your bathroom.

Some questions about bathroom renovation

Renovate a bathroom means a heavy investment will be made. So, all the renovation agencies face some common questions from the homeowners. Below are some questions that come to everyone’s mind before renovation.

Which floor is the best for everyone?

Safety is the key factor while you are planning for bathroom renovation. Wet feet onto a polished marble put you in danger. So, use slip-resistant ceramic tile is the best option for every one of the houses.

How much time will my bathroom renovation take?

Most of the homeowners ask this question to their contractor/s. The time of renovation depends on the amount of work, degree of difficulty, and what changes you need. However, a standard bathroom remodeling takes around ten working days. But, if you need some variation and a customized bathroom, it may take more than ten days or so on.

Is it necessary to get a permit for my bathroom renovation?

If you are planning to renovate your bathroom in Toronto, then you need some structural changes, and there is no need for a permit from any authority. Besides this, if you need to add a new bathroom as an add-on in your home, then you will require a license from the city. Without permission, it will be illegal and you could be sued for the same.

How can I heat my bathroom?

A bathroom is a place where people can get some relaxation. Therefore, they want to make their bathroom cozy. Sometimes people ask this question to their hired agency. Here are some options that you can consider to give a heating effect to your bathroom.

  • Add heat lamps
  • You can use radiant floor heating.
  • Install electrically heating coils under the flooring.
  • You can use a plugin heating towel rail.

Final thoughts

So here are some effective ways of renovating your bathroom. However, call a person that is an expert in this field to create a functional and beautiful bathing space.