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Google Flight website: Find the Best Time to Book

Google Flight

Google Flight is rolling out its brand-new feature, which helps travelers identify the best time to book their flights. This feature takes help from historical Google Flight data and provides insights into when prices have been the lowest historically for a particular destination on chosen dates.

How does it function?


The new feature Google Flight allows users to understand whether it is preferable to book their flight right now or wait for some time for lower prices. Till now, we have understood that Google Flight’s new features let its users view the right time to book the cheapest time.


Let us understand with an example. You plan to travel to Goa from Delhi in two months. You launch Google Flights and input your search parameters. On the results page, you’ll notice a new option named “Insights.” This feature informs you whether it is the best time to book your flight now or not and whether the costs tend to rise as the departure date approaches.

Additional Features


Google Flight’s new feature enhances the information that is already provided, such as whether the current prices are low, typical, or high as compared to the previous average pricing. Users also have the option to turn on the price tracking feature.

Google Flight

 By turning on this feature, the users will get a notification that will notify them when the prices are low for the selected dates or flexible dates.


Price Assurance Badge


In Google Flights, you will see some flights displaying a price guarantee badge. This badge showcases that Google is confident that the prices of this field are fixed and will not come down. Simultaneously, if there is a price drop in the flight ticket, Google will refund you the difference amount via Google Pay. However, this is still in the testing phase within the USA.


Flight Trends in 2023


Google has also recently shared some insights into flight booking trends in 2023. According to the data, average prices for flights around Christmas have been lowest 71 days before departure. This is a massive change compared to the 22-day mark, which was reported in the 2022 trends report.


Similarly, Google Flight also learned that there is no longer a “sweet spot” for the USA to Europe trips, where prices tend to fall before rising again. Prices are at the lowest point before 72 days or more before the departure date.


In the end, Google Flight’s new feature helps travelers with more precise information, allowing them to make precise decisions while booking flights, which will ultimately help them save money.