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Here How To Fix Ok Google Error

Google Assistant is helpful. We use it day by day to check climate projections, get my day-by-day preparation, and follow my number one games or sports team. While we didn’t have any difficulty utilizing Google Assistant previously, we have seen numerous individuals grumbling about it not working appropriately. Generally, people grumble that the Assistant doesn’t respond to them when utilizing the “Ok Google error” command. In this article, we will talk about a few solutions that can tackle that issue. 

There are numerous reasons why “Ok Google” probably won’t be chipping away at your Android gadget. That is the reason we will find a few answers to this issue. 

1. Retrain Voice Model: 

Ok Google Error

Probably, the reason behind the not working of Ok Google is that users didn’t set aside an effort to set up the voice command precisely. If you have not prepared your Ok Google voice command precisely, Google Assistant may neglect to perceive your voice. That is the reason you should set aside some effort to retrain your voice model. 

To retrain your voice model, first, open the Google Assistant. 

At that point and tap on the image at the upper right corner. 

Presently tap on the three-tab menu and afterward tap on Settings. Here, under the Assistant tab, look down to locate the “Assistant devices” menu and tap on your device. 

Presently, you should tap on “Voice Model.” 

Now, “Retrain voice model” and follow the means to retrain your voice model to Google Assistant. 

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2. Clear cache for the Google app: 

Ok Google Error

Another thing that you can do is to clear cache from the Google app to get a fresh start. To do that, open the Settings app on your phone and then go to Apps -> Google.

Something else that you can do is to clear reserve from the Google application to get a new beginning. To do that, open the Settings application on your telephone and afterward go to Apps – > Google.

Now, tap on “Storage” and clear the cache by tapping on the “CLEAR CACHE” button. One thing to note here is that the Settings app on your phone might look different from mine because you might not be using a stock Android device. Do not worry; the steps are the same and will work on any phone.

Store by tapping on the “Reasonable CACHE” button. One thing to note here is that the Settings application on your telephone may appear to be unique from mine since you probably won’t utilize a stock Android gadget. Try not to stress; the means are the equivalent and will deal with any telephone. 

3. Reinstall the Google App: 

Ok Google Error

If clearing the cache doesn’t work for you, you may need to uninstall the application and reinstall it on your gadget. The uninstallation cycle is really basic, and we trust that you realize how to do it on your particular Android gadget. If not, 

Open the Play Store and afterward look for Google. 

Tap on the outcome, and afterward tap on the “Uninstall” button. 

Presently, restart your Android gadget and afterward rehash a similar cycle. Here, the solitary contrast is that you will tap on the “Install” button to install the application onto your gadget. 

4. Check the Language Settings: 

Ok Google Error

Once in a while, the “Ok Google” command doesn’t chip away at your gadget as you have chosen some wrong language settings. To ensure that isn’t the situation with you, 

Launch the Google application.

Afterward, go to More and then Settings then Voice and now Languages, and ensure that your region’s correct language is chosen.

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5. Do a Mic Check:

Ok Google Error

Since Ok Google relies upon your mouthpiece or microphone, it’s in every case every time to check whether it’s in acceptable working condition or not. Some of the time, a flawed mic is an explanation for Ok Google not dealing with your phone. To do a mic check, open any account application on your telephone and record your voice. If it doesn’t sound as it should, the issue is with your mic and you ought to get it fixed.


We hope that these solutions will help you get done with this error. We have tried our best to make this article more informative for you folks. 

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