How Can Students Protect Mental Health Crisis Due to Coronavirus?

How Can Students Protect Mental Health Crisis Due to Coronavirus?

Across the globe, Colleges and universities have closed and arranged to teach online in an attempt to stop the community spread of the novel Coronavirus.

Quarantining students, those that reached home to be with family, remain physically shut down. Their worry is how to generate money for the online classes when quarterly fees are paid to the colleges.

Others are considering how to fend themselves post job losses due to lockdown in practically all segments of work. Worrying about finances is like a nightmare, on top of it attending ‘online classes.’ And a large section of international students has not even made it home.

Repeated media exposure to the crisis, has led to psychological distress. Assistance available online such as Nursing Homework Help can prove extremely beneficial in managing academics during such times. The orders to stay in quarantine and be out for only essential activities like fetching food, health reasons, or critical work maintaining a distance of two feet from others, means staying in with no regular social events.

How Students Can Protect Mental Health Crisis During Covid19

It is a different body rhythm of life. One which we had left way behind in the din and bustle of living like a steeplechase, jumping one hurdle after another in life. Being Quarantined, take proactive steps to remain rational, this can be maintained by following or being:

  • Taking better care of the broader health needs – Ensure you have all the right medicines in your medicinal kit, those that prove helpful in distressing times. Don’t wait for the casualty to yawn at you. Ensure having prescription medicines available for an SOS situation.
  • In touch with others – like friends and family that you can connect with even from s distance. They can be available on Skype, have a video-call catch-up with your family, or check in with status on social media.
  • Continue doing things you enjoy – try reading that book you’ve meant to start. Watch the new series you had been eyeing on Netflix but never could steal your real-time for new series.
  • Adopt a daily routine – Planning time in advance will help you out of the mismanaged state of affairs that you are currently facing, with virtually no time for anything concrete coming up your way.
  • Create an intimate environment – create a space that you can enjoy and feel comfortable about.
  • Breakaway from social networking sites – Nothing would go wrong, not checking social media updates for a day or two. Being away from the overburden of information also helps relieve stress. If the updates are getting too much, it is okay to take a step back.
  • Be always in touch with university and students’ updates – This could be extremely beneficial in updating yourself with relevant information. Understanding if there are course changes, how do they need to be coped with, what are the new ways of university assessments, etc. The so-called following institution-specific updates.
  • Following your hobbies and passion – Quarantined, it is just the ideal way to stay busy pursuing hobbies where your heart is if gardening is abandoned, try doing terrariums, the new palm-sized miniature gardens to keep the passion on.

Newly Developed Digital Resources To Check Anxiety During Health Pandemic

Such is the impact of anxiety in Quarantine times that the digital media and marketing world has come up with immediate solutions catering to settling the anxiety syndrome of students who cannot access healthcare centers when they begin to tell symptoms of anxiety. Apart from academic service providers who offer homework help to students, here are additional useful apps:

  1. TAO Connect – This is a digital platform designed for behavioral health therapy to be made more accessible and practical. To prevent significant disruptions for students who rely on in-person meetings. It means clinicians can now replace in-person sessions with TAO Connect.
  2. Sharpen – Is a mental health technology company that is releasing a free app ‘Sharpen Colleges,’ a mobile and desktop app for free to all college students. Sharpen has a collaboration with licensed mental health providers to provide self-help information and guidance to students suffering from depression and anxiety with the new quarantine guidelines making life more stressful for students stuck in remote areas. The voice data available in this is in the student’s tone, which would help students quarantined in remote places in the U.S. to come out of their anxiety and depression connecting online with the Unique to Sharpen. It is content offered in the voices and perspectives of students themselves.
  3. Nod – This is also a new app connecting college students in quarantined times that helps them remain connected to each other during the crisis. The app uses evidence-based examples to improve student resilience. It provides tips for social connection. And tools that help students maintain relationships maintaining and adhering to public health directives.
  4. Headspace – This, like the TenPercent Happier meditation guide, is Meditation made simple for people to fall asleep quickly. The tool teaches Meditation and mindfulness by practicing it just a few minutes a day.


Most College students have spent the past month confined to their rooms reading symptoms of the Coronavirus in University emails, news articles, and Facebook groups overthrowing their entire balance within. The Lockdown news during the Pandemic, Covid19 is alarming for the students confined in absolute isolation. Quarantined, as colleges have shut down — cough, fever, tiredness, difficulty breathing, and more is being witnessed by many students in this lockdown stage. Psychologists attribute this to the anxiety and tension-like environment that is prevailing. And students are not able to cope with it. With this so, and they being a far reach, the digitally developed App supporting them in such an hour of crisis will be a massive relief for salvaging situations.

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