How MERN Stack Benefits Start-ups With Profitable Web Development?

How MERN Stack Benefits Start-ups With Profitable Web Development?

MERN stack benefits The web development sector, in recent years, has reached a whole new level of innovation and advancements, a lot better than before. These web applications are developed using a set of software, i.e., robust and scalable technologies called tech stack ruling the industry now.

It is highly essential to make the choice of the right tech stack in order to offer the desired user experience to your users. One very famous out of these is the MERN stack, which consists of numerous front-end and back-end database components for developing scalable web applications. MERN stands for MongoDB, Express.js, React.js, Node.js. It is very useful for application development by startups. You can simply hire ReactJS developer, NodeJS programmer, ExpressJS expert, a MongoDB one individually, or just an all-in-one full-stack developer for the development of your application using MERN stack.

Let’s take a look at all these components in a more detailed manner.


MongoDB allows storing data in flexible documents along with a JSON (JavaScript Object Notation) based query language. The data structure can be changed because of the difference between the content, size, and fields in the documents from one another. It is very popular for its flexibility and scalability features.

What’s the Need to Use MongoDB?

  • It has provisions for easy indexing of documents.
  • There is scalability with the handling of large data.
  • MongoDB has an easy and simple way to set up an environment.
  • A flexible and fast document-model assists with rapid creation.


Express.js is a highly efficient back-end web application development framework for Node.js quite popular for its speed and minimal architecture. It is good at simplifying the server code writing. The need to repeat the code gets eliminated, thus helping in the construction of robust and scalable web applications along with APIs.

What’s the Need to Use Express.js?

  • js is asynchronous and single-threaded
  • You get to enjoy a rapid and scalable performance
  • The built-in router allows code reusability
  • Availability of a robust API


Developed by Facebook, ReactJS is a front-end library used for developing UI (User Interface) components and views in HTML. Rather than having to use templates, it uses a comprehensive programming language to create the repetitive DOM elements leading to running the same code on both the server and the browser. It constantly comes up with updates for additional features, bug fixes, and a lot more to develop your app.

What’s the Need to Use ReactJS?

    • Supports components, and each one has a logic.
    • Components allow code reusability.
    • Virtual DOM, JSX, Components, and all such features make it a quick performer.
    • React Native can be used with JavaScript and ReactJS to code for Android and iOS.


Built on Chrome’s V8 JavaScript engine, Node.js is a JavaScript runtime environment that can be brought to use for the development of scalable network applications and execution of JavaScript code out of the browser. Also, when enclosed within an HTML page, it works amazingly. 

What’s the Need to Use Node.js?

  • NodeJS is based on JavaScript.
  • Comes with a single-threaded model.
  • Fast code execution possible.
  • An extremely scalable platform.

How is MERN Stack Beneficial for Startups?

MERN stack has some incredible advantages associated with it, including:

    • A complete web development, i.e., front-end development and back-end.
    • An MVC (Model View Controller) architecture for the seamless development process.
    • A cost-effective alternative with lower developmental cost, lesser time to learn, and accessible set-up.
  • Development of a top-notch and full-fledged software or application.
  • An extensive suite of tools for testing and analysis.
  • Assist with the development of flexible and scalable websites or applications.
  • Integration with cloud platforms comes easily.

All these pros of MERN stack usage direct towards the use of the same by startups for application development for the following reasons:

  • Four efficient technologies are leading to a comprehensive web development cycle with maximum productivity.
  • Support for business and enhance revenues with JavaScript high-quality performance.
  • Good support from the communities as well
  • Let you provide your user with the experience of having a sense of fulfillment.
  • New ideas for constructing a master product enriched with distinctive features.

The Bottom Line

In the end, we can say that all the factors and features of each technology in the MERN stack make it the best option for any startup to get on board with their website or application development. You just need to consider the requirements of your project and then decide if it would be better to hire expert ReactJS developers, NodeJS programmers, and the Express.js and MongoDB one individually or a Full-Stack developer holds the ability to serve you well.

Make a smart decision to offer your startup the increased revenues along with unimaginably good lucrative business opportunities!

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