How To Check Traffic in Google Maps

With Google Maps on both your laptop and mobile device, it’s simple to check the traffic delays, whether you’re travelling somewhere, or you just want to know how clogged a particular street is. You’ll see How To Check Traffic.

1. What Do Google Maps’ Colours Mean?

Google Maps use a variety of colour schemes to depict the varied traffic densities. One of these colour lines will be used to emphasise the streets and roads in your area.

  • There are no traffic delays while the lines are green.
  • Orange Lines: This indicates that there is moderate traffic on your roadways.
  • Red lines: Severe traffic backups are indicated by these lines.

2. Observe The Traffic On Mobile Google Maps

Use the free Google Maps app to see the traffic conditions on your iPhone, iPad, or Android device.

  • Open Google Maps on your phone to get started. To the right of the current map, tap the “Layers” symbol (a square over another square).

How To Check Traffic

How To Check Traffic

How To Check Traffic

  • And by doing so, you may plan your journeys without encountering lengthy traffic jams!

3. On A Desktop, Check The Traffic On Google Maps

Use the Google Maps page to check the current traffic conditions from your desktop computer.

  • On your computer, first, launch a web browser and go to Google Maps. Place your cursor on the “Layers” symbol in the bottom-left corner of the current map.

How To Check Traffic


Google Maps makes it simple to check traffic delays on both your laptop and mobile device, whether you’re travelling somewhere or you just want to see how congested a particular street is. We have demonstrated the same thing above.