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How to choose a scope of vision?

scope of vision

Night vision sight is a special type of these devices. It is used for hunting in the dark. The device can be used with firearms or pneumatic equipment, as well as with crossbows. The success of the hunt largely depends on the quality of the sight. Therefore, when you choosing it, be careful about its parameters.

The thermal imaging sight will make it possible to carry out observation and fire even in conditions of zero visibility. Performance does not depend on the environment. Heavy rain, snow, fog, smoke, and thickets are not a hindrance to the detection and determination of the target.

Which telescopic sight to buy?

Three generations of night vision scopes are now available to users. Each of them differs from the other in more sensitive optics, higher shock resistance, and better object detection range. If the early models allowed viewing large animals at a distance of up to 100-150 meters, then the latest novelties have a range of up to 1000 meters.

The optics on the market are conventionally divided into three groups:

  1. Devices for beginners (low cost, short detection distance).
  2. Medium level optics (higher detection range).
  3. Professional optics (maximum performance and cost).

Aiming in any case is performed using a virtual reticle. There is a special luminous mark in its center. This invention allows you to quickly and accurately select the desired location on the target. You can buy night vision scopes in a stationary and online store.

The presented devices for the most part will be distinguished by high shock resistance. Therefore, they can be installed on any equipment. Some products are completely waterproof. This characteristic guarantees operation even underwater (at a depth of up to 1 meter).

The new generation sights are used in various fields: security, hunting, search and rescue operations, and military affairs. Unlike other similar devices, optical sights and binoculars with night vision have the ability to magnify the picture several times. At the same time, you will not lose image quality and do not lose sight of the target.