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How to Choose the Right Hook-Up Apps


Hook-ups are more accessible than ever before, and apps are a huge part of the modern hookup world. However, with so many different apps to choose from for finding easy and commitment-free sex, it is sometimes hard to know which platform would actually work the best.

When it comes to hooking up with strangers, you want to know that you are using an app platform you can trust. But how do you tell a good hookup app apart from a bad one, and what kind of details are most important when you are comparing different apps?


Fees are a major part of many different apps, but not all of them require mandatory fees. This means that it is often important to look up the costs involved in specific apps, especially if they are only optional payments that may still lock out some features.

For example, some apps may have premium account systems or subscriptions that give you access to better features or remove limitations that are placed on free accounts. This could limit you to fewer hookups per week or even prevent you from using the platform correctly in the long term.

While trial periods can be a good way to test out an app, some may also require that you eventually pay for them. On the other hand, a completely free app may contain a lot more advertising or rely heavily on locking certain features behind one-time payments.


A popular hookup app is going to have more users to match with, which naturally means a greater pool of potential hookups. More users do not always equal more hook-ups overall, but it never hurts to choose a popular platform if you do not particularly care which kind of hook-ups you arrange.

Of course, there is nothing stopping you from using a less popular app either or using multiple at once. It is just important to remember that a greater user base increases the chances of you finding a good hookup quickly, which can matter a lot for people who just want sex (which there is no shame in).

On the other hand, more popular sites may also be able to get away with questionable payment strategies because they know they are popular since people are going to be using them anyway. A popular app also will not always cater to more niche tastes.

Hookup Filtering

Having more options and ways to filter your results can really matter with hook-ups. Not only does it allow you to tailor your matches properly, but it also means that you are not going to be exposed to anything that would make you uncomfortable, such as age ranges that are far too young for you.

If you have a specific kink or fetish that you need satisfied with, then finding a hook-up app that provides filters (or focuses on that fetish exclusively) is a good idea. Being able to stay within your niche makes it easier to hook up with the right people and ensures that you are not hooking up with somebody who does not realize what you are into.

More filters are good, but remember that this might also require you to put more details in your profile. If you want to remain truly anonymous, then it can be a little bit overwhelming to flag anything in your account that could trip up somebody’s personal filter options.

Gender Ratio

While it might not matter for many people, it can sometimes be important to consider the gender ratio of a particular site or app. A site with more men than women is going to be biased, and vice versa – which can become especially important if you are bi or pansexual with a slight preference one way or the other.

This might also matter for people who want faster hook-ups since a skewed balance means that a user may be talking to far more people and is, therefore, less likely to be available. If you have incredibly niche interests, this kind of balance might even directly impact how many people on the platform you are even compatible with.

Hookup Seriousness

There are often unspoken rules about how certain platforms are used or how particular apps lead to different hook-ups. For example, some apps might be generally accepted as more casual hookup spaces, while others are far more serious and are treated as “dating-lite” apps.

Knowing this can be important since it can mean completely different attitudes and experiences on different sites. App A might be welcoming and casual, with users freely willing to chat, while App B is more about arranging meetups for sex on short notice.

This is not something that you can easily look up, but it is worth exploring opinions about the app’s user base. You do not want to sign up for a site that is completely different from your own personal idea of how hook-ups should work, so make sure you do some research ahead of time.


Having good and practical features can be important when it comes to arranging hook-ups. Things like private messages are a given, but the specifics of the chat system are important, as are things like being able to get notifications or having the ability to block users that you are not comfortable interacting with.

Different platforms are geared towards different things, so one site may lack things that another app offers. In general, all of the standard features should be there, but it is the specific things – blocking systems, your options for arranging hook-ups, account security, and spam account protection options – that make a difference.


Not all hookup apps are genuine. Whether they are scam sites that have been created to steal information or apps that are filled with bots to boost the apparent user count, some lesser-known apps will be outright lying to their users.

Make sure you look at reviews of any apps that you do not recognize, and do not brush off your concerns if you notice anything strange about the platform. It is better to be cautious than to be taken advantage of by spam accounts and scam apps.

If you are not sure how to start your search, then The Nut Job hook up apps guidelines are a great breakdown of what makes a great hookup app and how to make sure that you have a good experience on a new platform.