How to fix 504 Gateway Timeout Error?

A 504-gateway timeout error occurs when a server trying to load a web page does not receive a timely response from another server. The error remains on the website almost always, and you can do nothing about it but try again later. However, there are some quick things you can try on your end.

What is the 504 Gateway Timeout Error?

The 504-gateway timeout error indicates that there was no timely response from another server requesting to the web server that was trying to load a page for you. This is called the 504 error because of the HTTP status code used by the webserver to define this type of error. The error can occur for several reasons, but the two most common reasons are either overloading the server or any ongoing maintenance process on the website.

Website designers can customize how the 504-error page looks. So, you can find error 504 looking differently on different websites. Websites may also use slightly different names for this error. For example, you may find:

  • Gateway timeout error
  • Gateway Timeout (504)
  • HTTP 504
  • 504 Error
  • 504 Gateway Timeout
  • HTTP Error 504 – Gateway Timeout

One important thing to remember is that the 504 error is an error on the server side. This means that the problem is not with your computer but with the website you are trying to access. That’s good and bad. This is good news because there is nothing wrong with your computer, and this is bad news because there is nothing you can do to fix the problem from your end.

However, here are some quick fixes you can try.

Refresh the page

504 Gateway Timeout Error

As we said, error 505 indicates a temporary problem and can occur only for a temporary period. So, refreshing the page is always worth the shot. Most browsers use the F5 key to refresh and provide the button anywhere in the address bar. It often does not solve the problem but takes only a few seconds to try.

Warning: Make sure that you don’t click the refresh button while making a payment. You may be charged twice after refreshing the page, so be careful.

Check whether the website status is down for other people.

Whenever you fail to reach a site (for whatever reason), you can check if you have trouble connecting or it is happening to everyone else. There are many tools for this, but our most preferred sources for checking such outages are and Both work the same way. Just paste the URL you want to check, and you will get the status within seconds.

If you receive a report that the site is down for public use, there’s nothing you can do but try again later. If the report shows that the site is up, the problem may be at your end. This is an infrequent 504 error, but it is possible. For that, you can try some of the things we will explain in the sections below.

Restart your devices

504 Gateway Timeout Error

So, you used the site verification tool and decided that the site is just for you. And you have tested in another browser as well, and it is causing the same issue. Then the problem is likely at your end or with the ISP. There may be some strange or temporary problems with your computer or networking devices (Wi-Fi, router, modem, etc.). A simple restart of your computer and networking tools will help solve the problem.

Another error is caused by a DNS problem but on a DNS server rather than your computer. In that case, you can try changing the DNS servers to see if the problem is resolved.

Contact the website

Another option is to contact the website owner directly. Find their contact information on the website and contact them about the issue. If you do not have a contact form, you can reach them through social media.

Try again after some time.

If you tried all the solutions described above but still have a 504 error, please wait and try again later. Since the problem is not on your computer, there are only a limited number of solutions you can try. Chances are, the people who deal with the website are already fixing the issue and will have it fixed soon.

Check back soon with the website. By then, there is a good chance the error will be fixed.

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