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How to get protected SMS Numbers?

How to get protected SMS Numbers?

Innovations in our everyday life provide us with a wide range of possibilities for communication. While you are using social media or creating new accounts on web resources, you often need to confirm your identity with a code from SMS. If for this purpose you do not want to use your personal number, HotTelecom has the best solution – just buy a virtual number for SMS.

How to buy SMS number?

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When you frequently receive SMS, especially those for work, it is better to have a separate phone number. HotTelecom provides a decision that frees you from buying another phone and SIM card. That is — virtual SMS number.

More details about reasons for purchasing it are described here: https://hottelecom.biz/sms-numbers.html

Keep in mind that the process of buying itself is more than simple:

  1. Create an account on the HotTelecom website.
  2. Select country, city, and tariff.
  3. Check all the available settings and choose those that suit you best.
  4. Activate a service by purchasing it.

That will be quite brief and easy and your virtual SMS number will be ready in a few minutes.

Advantages of SMS numbers from HotTelecom

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The virtual SMS number is a profitable thing to have, because:

  • The correspondence is automatically forwarded to another phone number or e-mail. These settings you choose in your personal account. That means that you’ll never lose anything important.
  • All the SMS are stored in the cloud service, so you do not need to worry about their possible amount and how they all are going to be saved.
  • You can easily access your SMS via any device that is connected to the Internet. You just need your HotTelecom account details to log in.

Thereby now you do need to worry about new SIM card or phone for SMS exchange. Your own secure virtual number will provide all the necessary functions together with reasonable prices.