How To Pick The Best Bingo Websites


Gone are the days of having a go at bingo in local community centers –– digitalization has brought on the inevitable fate of shifting the bingo community online where hundreds of casino sites sit readily available for users to experience. Considering the accessibility, security, and social aspect of the game, it’s no wonder online bingo websites are seeing an exponential boom in their popularity, especially among the younger, tech-savvy generation.

The demand and interest in online bingo are so great that there are new sites that pop up almost every other week. Players are now spoiled for choice, and settling on the best one out of a list of UK licensed bingo sites can prove to be a difficult decision-making process. Here are some key pointers to consider when choosing the best bingo website.

Game Variations

When choosing a site to play bingo, you might want to look at the variety of game options they have to offer. For a start, classic 75 Ball and 95 Ball bingo games can generally be found on most, if not all, bingo websites. For slightly more interesting game dynamics, 30 Ball, 50 Ball, and 80 Ball variations and speed bingo are common adaptations from the original bingo. On top of that, game themes and free bonus balls also add to the innovative game experience for bingo players.

While some welcome the myriad of bingo variations, others might only be keen on playing the same select few quality games. Whether you’re former or latter, finding a website that offers your preferred bingo variations should certainly be a key consideration.

Playing Modes

Playing with others might be the norm, but sometimes we just want to have a little fun on our own –– that’s where the flexibility of online bingo comes in handy. You can either choose to play with a group or go solo. Although wagers in single-player bingo games will not be combined with the main pool, you still stand a chance at winning real monetary rewards if the odds are with you.

The single-player mode is a great way to start if you’re new to the bingo community. It serves as a warm-up for beginners to get used to and understand the mechanics of the game before switching up to hybrid mode.

The hybrid mode allows players to wager their money alongside the other players, but depending on the website of your choice, in-game interactions in hybrid mode could potentially be kept to a minimum or a lot.

Rewards And Bonuses

Most bingo portals will have their exclusive bonus package and rewards system. Different bingo websites offer different welcome gifts for new users, so do keep a lookout for the most appealing one before signing up.

In addition, some sites also offer a free credit match for your first deposit, up to a certain limit, while some don’t provide deposit bonuses at all. However, there are often terms and conditions that come with the bonus. For example, players might be required to play a certain number of games on the bingo site before he or she is allowed to withdraw the money from the account.

Best Bingo Websites

Another common reward market by bingo websites is the winnings booster, which increases your prize money by a certain number of times.

If you feel bored playing alone and wish to introduce online bingo to your friends, don’t forget to use your unique invitation code because some sites have referral programs whereby you will be rewarded for every new user who creates an account with the website using your code. To top it off, many bingo websites give daily sign-in bonuses to encourage players to use their site. This is also great for regular bingo players.

Bingo Prizes

Online games work a little bit differently from offline bingo because there is no immediate prize rewarding system. In exchange, online bingo pools together the expenses users pay to join a game room with other bingo players, and this total amount is the prize money for the winner. In the situation whereby no winner emerges from the game, the money will roll over to add on to the next game’s prize pool. This will continue until a winner is crowned.

Chat Functions

Having a chat group, or the option of one, is vital for a bingo community to thrive. A bingo website with a user-friendly chat design and functionality would bring great value to any user’s gaming experience. When looking for a good bingo site, seek out one that has a desirable user interface and good functionality. This might entail having a user-friendly messaging service, a range of emoticons, and private messaging functions. Some websites even have in-built regulators that monitor the chat consistently for bad behavior!

Customer Service

Occasionally, users might face issues and require customer support beyond the FAQ page. Hence, ensure that the bingo website you’re interested in does provide that service in case any problems arise from your experience. This may include providing telephone numbers, live chat functions, or even snail mail options.


One of the greatest concerns is how secure the online bingo website is because you will be required to reveal sensitive financial and personal information. Most, but not all bingo sites use SSL encryption which is the same technology used by banks. This ensures that your details are encrypted and can only be accessed by authorized personnel.

Another prime concern for players is the fairness of online bingo. Bingo websites rely on random number generators to warrant fair play and the results of the games are completely random.

Software Providers

Bingo websites are run by software providers, and many of them engage business with a third party. These help to modify the software, such as altering the branding, offerings, and even the terms and conditions of a site, without editing the core software design.

Equip yourself with the knowledge of which software provider is behind the bingo website you’re using. Are they qualified? Well-grounded software providers can cater to impeccable, smooth, and quality user experience. This matters because the last thing you’d want to happen while you’re in the middle of a game is to lag and miss out on the moments.

Finance Options

If your money goes in, you’d want to make sure your money can come out too –– take a look at the banking options and ensure that you have a reliable online payment method that is supported by the website. As a rule of thumb, most bingo sites should enable deposits and withdrawals through e-wallet services like Paypal, Skrill, and Neteller.


At this point, if you have yet to jump onto the bandwagon of playing online bingo, you should give it a go! Meanwhile, keep in mind these key factors when in search of the bingo website that best suits you.

Best Bingo Websites