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How to Record PC Screens, Audio, and Webcam using iFun Screen Recorder?

iFun Screen Recorder

Most of the smartphones recently have this feature built-in. but sadly the case is not the same for a computer or laptop. If you’re someone who deals with a lot of conference calls, online courses and looking for a way to record it from the Windows screen, you will find a solution, fortunately. IObit, the top system utility software developer, newly launched iFun Screen Recorder, a hassle-free screen recorder of all recording tasks.

It is a completely free screen recorder that will allow you to record whatever is going on your screen along with the audio and webcam too. You can be more efficient in meetings, online classes,  or making video tutorials.

Features of the iFun Screen Recorder

Zero time limit 

One of the most frustrating things we face while using a third-party screen recorder is its recording time limit. Most of the company officers free screen recorder recording video tutorials, HD films, gaming blogs, etc. Even though they tell you that it is free to use, each recording is limited to a certain amount of time.

And having your screen recorder stopped at a crucial time can make or break the whole experience. But iFun Screen Recorder on the other hand is completely free and has no time limit. That means he will be able to enjoy recording without any worry of getting in it cut off automatically.

iFun Screen Recorder

iFun Screen Recorder

No watermark 

That means with iFun Screen Recorder, he will not have to deal with annoying watermarks with the captured video. As a result, the recorded video can be used for any purpose.

Adjustable screen capture 

Unlike many other screen recorders out there, iFun Screen Recorder allows you to record only the part that you want to be recorded. That means you can either capture the full screen or add just the frame to a particular section that you want recording. As a result, you’ll have to spend less time editing on frame adjustment.

Lightweight and efficient 

Dealing with a low spec computer? Do not worry because iFun Screen Recorder has got you covered. The software is extremely light and not memory hungry like other heavy screen recorders. And the great news is, even though it is light you do not have to is the trade-off in the functionality department.

The software is designed to add up the GPU hardware acceleration technology. So, the recording and the editing process become much more efficient and provide suitor stability we all love.

What’s new for iFun Screen Recorder

+ Record any parts of the screen in high quality

+Record computer and microphone audio simultaneously

+Record the webcam and overlay on the video

+Add cursor effects to highlight the recording

+No recording time limit or video watermark

+Trim and cut the video to any length

+One-click post videos to YouTube, Facebook, Instagram

+ Support MP4, AVI, FLV, MKV, MOV, TS, and GIF format

+ GPU hardware acceleration technology with no video lag

+ 37 menu languages for worldwide users

To conclude

Having lots of features with a completely free experience makes iFun Screen Recorder the go-to solution for people all over the world. The software is the best of both worlds while being highly secure, hassle-free, flexible, and easy to use.