How to solve sim not provisioned mm#2?

While replacing sim cards, you may see the sim not provisioned mm#2 problem. This post will show you a simple fix that you may use to eliminate this problem. So, what does the mm#2 sim not provisioned problem mean? Let’s take a closer look.

What is ‘sim not provisioned mm#2’ and why does this happen?

If you get this error, it suggests your sim is having some of the problems listed below. If you see the “SIM not supplied MM2” problem, you can track it down to one of the following:

  • You bought a new phone with a fresh SIM card.
  • You’re moving your relationships to a new SIM card.
  • The service provider for your SIM card is currently experiencing issues with their authorization system.
  • The server of your mobile network provider is down (in case you are going with an iPhone, the Apple server must also be online).

There is a difficulty with the placement of the SIM card.

Other SIM error messages may appear depending on your specific conditions. If the SIM card is locked to a specific phone, for example, you can see the message “SIM not valid” if you put it in a completely new phone. After you’ve unlocked the SIM, you’ll be able to use it on any phone that supports it. This can be done by contacting your SIM’s service provider and following their instructions.

Old SIM showing “SIM not provisioned MM2” error

This type of issue is fairly common when using a fresh SIM. However, if you were using an old SIM card and it had recently begun giving you that message about the SIM card not operating properly, the following could be the cause:

  • Your SIM portal is filthy and needs to be cleaned. This problem can be resolved by reinserting the SIM card into the sanitized SIM card slot.
  • Every SIM has a life, and it may have reached the end of it. This problem can be resolved by replacing it with a fresh SIM card.

What’s the “SIM Not Provisioned for Voice” Error?

The error “SIM not provisioned for the voice” is becoming more common. It mostly affects devices connected to the Google Fi network (a mix of mobile and Wi-Fi networks). In most cases, this mistake indicates you won’t be able to make phone calls. The steps listed below should help you solve the problem.

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What does the “SIM two Not Provisioned” Error Mean?

If the “SIM not supplied” issue generates a number, it’s almost probably because you’re using a dual SIM phone. Because each slot is numbered, you may encounter problems such as “SIM-one not provisioned” and “SIM two not provisioned.”

Five Methods to Fix “SIM Not Provisioned” Errors

  1. Restart your phone of yours
  2. Correctly Insert the SIM Card
  3. Activate Your SIM Card
  4. Contact your carrier of yours or perhaps your Network Provider
  5. Get a New SIM card

1. Restart The Phone of yours

sim not provisioned mm#2

It may seem impossible, but simply turning off your cell phone can solve the SIM not provisioned problem. Wait while you go through the usual steps to reset your phone. After a few moments, you will notice that the error notification has vanished and your SIM card has been authorized.

2. Correctly Insert the SIM Card

sim not provisioned mm#2

If the problem isn’t related to the activation of the SIM card or the system, it could just be an ill-fitting SIM. This could be due to issues with the SIM card’s shape or a poorly designed SIM card slot (or perhaps a caddy). Switch off your phone and get the SIM card to check whether the SIM is correctly seated:

If you have an older or less-priced phone, open the back panel to find the SIM card. To get to the SIM card slot, you might have to remove the battery. The SIM card slot is often at the edge of the device with flagship phones, or perhaps those without detachable batteries. This is normally a caddy that holds the SIM card; to remove it, you’ll need to use a little SIM eject tool. To eject the SIM, look for a little opening around the edge of your phone and drive the device in.

Note: Make sure the SIM card is removed instead of the microSD storage card.

It may be difficult to remove the SIM card. If a replaceable battery is involved, you may need to use tweezers or jimmy it out from below. Give it a good blow and quick dust with a lint-free cloth with the SIM card out. Replace the SIM card that has been cleaned, taking care to insert it in the correct location. A sticker or even an engraving demonstrating the SIM card’s proper orientation is frequently found next to the SIM card slot. Replacing the SIM card in your phone will restore your phone’s energy. The error “SIM not supplied” must not be displayed. If it’s possible, try the SIM on another phone.

3. Activate Your SIM Card

sim not provisioned mm#2

In many cases, a SIM card is activated immediately for use in a brand-new phone within twenty-four hours. If this does not happen, there are three options for activation that are commonly available:

  • Call an automated phone number
  • Send a text message
  • Go to the carrier’s website and go to the activation page. All of these options are simple and quick, but they are contingent on the carrier’s support.
  • In many cases, your SIM must be triggered in order to resolve the “SIM not provided” problem.

4. Contact Your Carrier or Network Provider

sim not provisioned mm#2

If the SIM will not activate, make a call to your network or carrier (from a different smartphone!). Explain the error notice to them, as well as the steps you’ve performed so far. As previously stated, there may be an issue with the activation server, which may prevent your SIM card from activating. The error message “SIM Not Provisioned” will appear as a result of this.

Even if they investigate the problem, your carrier will usually keep you on the series. There may be some delay in getting the SIM activated if there is an issue with the activation server. On the plus side, you’ll know why the problem occurred and when it will most likely be fixed.

5. Get a New SIM card

sim not provisioned mm#2

Because of this, you could call your network, but you’ll probably find that going to a local phone shop is faster. Better yet, a branch of your company’s network or a franchise location. They’ll be able to do SIM card diagnostics and, ideally, resolve the “SIM not provisioned MM2” problem. If they repeat several of the steps you’ve already tried, don’t be afraid; this is part of the diagnostic process. It should not be a problem if you require a fresh new SIM card. The business will have the necessary resources to manage the exchange and link the new SIM to your bank account.

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Fixed the “SIM not supplied with MM#2” error!

Please note that this problem will only affect mobile devices that use SIM cards. These repairs will work as long as the SIM is compatible and fits into the slot. You should now be able to figure out why your phone is displaying the “SIM not supplied MM2” error message. Remember that you have five options for resolving this issue:

  • Turn your phone off and on again.
  • Verify the accurate installation of the SIM card.
  • Activate your SIM card correctly.
  • Seek assistance from your carrier.

Get a new SIM card. If none of these options work, you’ll need to contact your carrier/network provider to get a replacement card.