How to Start Growth Mapping With Customer Profiling

Creating detailed customer profiles is a must nowadays. This is a great way to pursue top-quality customers for sales and marketing. Moreover, it helps make your customers happier, and this is the goal of any business. The happier your clients are, the better it is for your business.

The importance of creating a customer profile

A customer profile must be detailed. The more details it contains, the more valuable it is. No matter what your niche is, it is crucial to have efficient customer profiles, realize their needs and expectations, as well as getting their feedback about your product.

Even if you have a big and devoted team, making your business successful without good customer profile marketing is impossible. Knowing your target audience is one of the most important things you should do when running your business and willing to sell your product.

Whatever you are going to promote or sell, it is necessary to understand who exactly will purchase the product instead of targeting everyone at once. Such tactics never bring any results.

If you are a business owner, tell yourself — “I should do my homework,” and start working on learning as much as possible about your potential customers. Each product or each niche can be good only for specific audiences. Your business cannot be suitable for everyone at a time. Therefore, it is necessary to determine your target audience before starting to promote your product. Otherwise, all your marketing campaigns and efforts are useless.

Along with all that, your customer profile is narrow. It simply cannot be too broad since 100% of people cannot be your customers. Once you start targeting too wide audiences, you risk solving only a couple of problems for just a few people. Your product will be spread all over and bring no desired value.

Product managers need customer profiles before developing a new product. By creating them, you get tons of benefits. Check them below.

The perks of customer profiling

You already know how important customer profiling is, so check more benefits for you and your business:

  • Determining better-fit prospects

When you know who exactly gets advantages from your products the most, it is much easier to boost close rates. Even if you think it is not much for your business, realize that better-fit prospects mean happier customers. Someone who doesn’t benefit from your product will most likely leave negative feedback and reviews.

  • Reduces customer acquisition cost

If you do not know what a CAC is, it is the money spent on different campaigns to attract a customer. When you know who your customer is, you specify your campaigns and spend less on them.

  • Better serving to customers

When knowing your clients, you can create a better service. You should keep track of their problems, needs, expectations, characteristics and deliver an excellent service experience. You should do it before they ask for help. Be aware of your customers’ needs, and you will be able to meet them.

  • Prevents you from losing your customers

By identifying your customers from the very beginning, you do not risk losing them. You just deliver services to those people who need them and, most likely, won’t reject using your services or buying your products.

However, if you have no idea how to create a customer profile, check the following tips and tricks and do it easily.

1. Understand what your product/service is and how it is applied

Before you start working on a detailed customer profile, you should first realize what your product or service is, as well as your goal. Of course, everything is yet to come, and the process will be very long-lasting, but you must understand who you see in the role of your customer and how your products or services are related to them.

The way your product is presented affects the type of customers who want to purchase it. You should monitor your product to make sure it is valuable for your desired customers. By learning how the customer is going to use your product or service, you can understand how the needs of your customers when using your services or products change over time and how you can adjust to them. Everything you offer must suit the needs of your customers.

Moreover, the mission of your brand influences the type of people doing business with your company. Even if the needs or preferences of your customers change over time, your mission is to be able to meet those needs.

 2. Get customers’ feedback

For making your customer profile as accurate as possible, it is necessary to get feedback from your users/clients/customers. You must know whether they are happy with your brand or product, so do it systematically.

For this purpose, you can use different tools like Survata or Survey Monkey. They will be very helpful in creating detailed customer profiles and will show whether you are moving in the right direction.

Of course, people are not likely to participate in different surveys, so you should find a way to make them do that. For example, get 10% off your next purchase for filling in the survey or answering a couple of questions, etc.

Do not forget that people need entertainment either. If your questions are too boring or monotonous or, vice versa, too overwhelming, people are not likely to finish it and will just skip it over.

 3. Take into account demographic, gender, environmental, psychographic, and other factors

Conducting your research on the surface is not very efficient. It is crucial to go deeper. You should take into account a lot of different factors, including:

  • gender;
  • age;
  • interests;
  • professions;
  • location, to name a few.

The more you know about your customers, the more accurate your profile will be. Therefore, it will be much more beneficial for your business because you can stand out from your competitors.

By the way, there exist specific customer analytics companies that can conduct such research for you. Collecting the data of your users is not easy, so you can entrust it to professionals.

4. Do not forget to update your customer profile

Do not think that once you create one customer profile example, it is enough. No, it is not enough. To make the process easier and more systematic, you should create one template including all of your factors.

Those databases should be editable. This way, you can update the information once there is such a need. Remember that customers change, as well as their needs, so you should be consistent in your surveys. Add updates on time.

5. Research the changes in their habits, interests, and preferences

These factors must also be included in your database and must be edited whenever there is such a necessity. Remember that these factors always change no matter what, and you must catch up with them. Keep track of these changes.

If your company creates something new (a service or product), it is necessary to start a new survey again. All previous data is now useless for your new stage. Start everything from the very beginning to find new potential customers for your new product.

Remember that creating an accurate customer profile is crucial for marketing and business, in general. Without knowing your audience, you will hardly succeed in selling your product or services. Spend some time on decent research and enjoy great results.