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Importance of keyword placement and the right way to do it

Importance of keyword placement

The importance of keywords for SEO needs no mention because everyone knows that the survival of SEO depends mainly on keywords.  Choosing the right keywords is critical and but its effectiveness depends on its application or rather proper placement across the pages and throughout the website, explains the experts of the New York SEO Company.  The effectiveness of keywords depends on the combination of the right keyword and its proper placement. The placement of keywords is vital for web pages that are very long. Although content creation is a user-oriented task, keyword placement aims at helping Google understand what a page is all about.

Why is keyword placement so much crucial for long content?

Ranking for competitive keyword phrases can be a daunting task, especially for quite long articles. Long articles include many sub-topics, but many of these are so much divergent from the main topic that these could appear to be like individual articles. As a result, you cannot try to rank for a single keyword phrase for a very long article and may find it puzzling to decide the best position for placing the keyword.

The focal point for keyword placement

There cannot be a single focal point for the target keyword phrase in the case of long articles. Instead, you must select several parts of the article that might effectively communicate to Google what the page is all about and place the keyword appropriately within that space. You cannot think about using the keyword only once at any one place in the article.  Since the article is long, dividing it into several sections and placing the keyword in each of these sections will provide more opportunities to Google and users in understanding the page.

Headings and sub-headings are the most attractive places for planting keywords which are highly effective when used in titles and the captions of images.

How Google makes out what a page is about

To understand how Google understands what the page is about, you must step into the shoes of a visitor. The information provided on the page must make it obvious what the page is about so that it is easy for both users and search engines to understand the page.  The most crucial aspect of keyword placement is that the keyword must match with the text and images of that paragraph, or else it will send the wrong signal about the page.

Another approach in understanding a page is to try to figure out how a visitor would react on viewing the page to get cues about SEO questions. Then, finding answers to it will provide the necessary direction about placing the keywords.

Since Google wants to provide the best user experience, it adapts the visitor-like approach that allows viewing things in the proper perspective instead of depending on the hypothesis. The target should be to make the page easy to read to get the answer they are looking for, which implies that Google will also find it easy to understand the page.