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Some of the Key Features of Upcoming Phones

Features of Upcoming Phones

The list of new smartphones coming to India is exciting for two reasons. First, manufacturers of smartphones promise the Indian buyer low-cost smartphones that more Indians will be able to afford and show off with. Second, these upcoming phones, some on the lower end of the price range, swear by their smart and innovative technology. You don’t have to own a flagship phone to still enjoy a number of advanced features of Upcoming Phones.

In any great new smartphone, that we like to think of as the best smartphone under 12000 INR, the hardware, as well as the software, incorporates as much new creativity and more than its price affords. From the size of the RAM to the size of the screen, buyers will find novelty as compared with older models.

You can think of some budget variants of these for your children to use, or as a second phone for yourself. These are also good to invest in by employers to let their employees use. The thing about owning a smartphone is that the moment a new one with “better” features raises its head, people immediately want to go at it. When investing in a new phone, it’s noteworthy to check whether you’re really getting anything new with it.

Features of Upcoming Phones

Features of Upcoming Phones

The most obvious feature of a smartphone, and one that we all immediately notice, is the size of the screen. First impressions count and large screens are the in-thing, so these upcoming phones all offer larger screens than were available before.

With the smallest screen size being 6 inches and going up to 6.60 inches approximately (as with the Poco models), buyers will be fully satisfied. Many of these upcoming versions have toughened glass screens for more protection than ever before. Screens on the best smartphones under 12,000 INR also offer a higher level of visual acuity than before, making colors better and more vivid.

Most of these smart new budget phones work on an Android v.10 OS and have great battery life that can last up to 24 hours after a full charge. Super-powered batteries are, at their best, at 6,000mAh. In higher-end phones like the new iPhone 12 Pro, features, and technology are at the optimum with the latest chips and processors that offer speed faster than light.

Cameras are something to think about as well. On phones that don’t burn a hole in your pocket, you will find better cameras than before, but not like you will obviously find on a higher-end phone like Samsung’s new Galaxy S20 Ultra phone. Still, with both front and rear cameras, you may find you can have great photo output on budget phones as some cameras offer 8MP front and up to 48MP quad-rear cameras.

Faster and Better

With higher processing power, new smartphones can connect better than their predecessors, with 4GB RAMs on many of the upcoming phones under the price range of 12,000 INR. For instance, Lenovo’s future-ready K11 is going to take the budget market by storm, as this phone is a beast of a phone with apps and great connectivity.

You can also check out the new OPPO phones in the A12e categories, in a few months, as they are in line with current advances and have batteries that will last for hours. Most experts give these new models specification scores of nearly 80% or higher. You should be sure to do your research a few months ahead of launches, or you may have to wait in line for your new dream phone.