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A New Virtual Assistant Called ‘Sam’ May Launched by Samsung


Samsung is rumored to be getting ready to reveal Sam, its new virtual assistant. The virtual assistant could return as a three-dimensional character.

The official virtual assistant character of the South Korean IT firm was initially released in 2D style. The recently shown 3D version of the virtual assistant is quite intriguing, and it will most certainly replace Bixby.

Despite having a 2D form, the character was completely redesigned in order to return to social media. Sam, Samsung’s virtual assistant, offers more expressions, poses, and textures than in previous versions. It becomes more intriguing and modern as a result of these extra features.

Lightfarm Studios gave Sam a stunning makeover

A flood of photos and renders of Sam has been released by Lightfarm Studios. This provides us with a better look at Sam, Samsung’s virtual assistant.

Sam’s design was revealed in greater detail by the visual arts production house in a statement. It collaborated with Cheil Agency to create more realistic character design assets.

Sam’s hair and attire have become more realistic as a result of this partnership. Furthermore, as Duniaku pointed out, her general aesthetic appearance is even more appealing. The website published a list of the whole staff working on the project.

Samsung’s latest virtual assistant, Sam, was created with the help of Lightfarm’s applications. Adobe After Effects, SideFX Houdini, Adobe Photoshop, Marvelous Designer, and Blender 3D were used.

The entire project team is at work on it


Rafael Vallaperde is the project’s director, and Giselle Almeida is the art director. Mayara Sampaio and Jhonatan Lechar serve as 2D artists on the project, while Gustavo Rodrigues is the CGI Coordinator.

Ramon Lima, Lucas Falco, Jhonatan Lechar, and Weslley Nereu make up the 3D artist team. Furthermore, the project includes simulation artists Ramon Lima and Rafael Coppola.

Lucas Falco and Jose Mauro Lobo did the grooming, and Viviane Rodrigues and Weslley Nereu did the animation.

Mariana Gomes was the producer, and Bárbara Galvo was the sales manager. Marcéu Lobo handled post-production, Mariana Gomes was the producer, and Bárbara Galvo was the sales manager.

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Sam, Samsung’s virtual assistant is in action

The multi-award-winning visual arts production firm also published a test clip of the new helper in action, in addition to the renders. The video, which had been published on Vimeo, appears to have been removed.

This could suggest that Lightfarm created the Samsung Sam figure on their own initiative. According to Unbox, it’s highly unlikely that it’s based on a genuine company announcement.

It’s also worth noting that Lightfarm has acknowledged the project’s collaboration with Cheil Agency. Cheil Agency, for those who don’t know, is a Samsung-owned advertising agency.

As a result, there’s a chance that Sam will be announced as an official character shortly.