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Can New World Still Make a Comeback?

New World

Players of the popular MMORPG are now ready to leave after back-to-back errors. How will New World avoid being another Amazon game blunder?

Once considered to be one of the rising stars in the MMORPG gaming genre, New World continues to lose and disappoint players. The popularity of New World was already in decline a few weeks after the game was launched which is considered normal for any newly published game. However, mistakes and questionable actions make players’ decisions to leave the game easier.

For the past few weeks, developers of the MMO game have been making countless blunders that could have been avoided with careful planning and consultation with the players. These oversights continue to test the patience of the game’s players. With New World’s recent mistake of compensating several EU players with massive New World gold, gamers how long players are willing to keep up with these endless mishaps.

New World Dwindling Player base

New World, an Amazon-owned MMORPG game, was released on September 28, 2021. It quickly became a hit sandbox game after multiple streamers and influencers started to stream and refer the game to other gamers. During its peak in popularity, it was considered to be a potential competitor with other MMORPGs such as World of Warcraft, Final Fantasy XIV, and Black Desert Online. The game was so popular that its’ New World gold economy was flourishing.

New World started to lose a percentage of their player base a few weeks as the hype died down. This trend is a normal occurrence for any newly published game. After still retaining a massive player base, Amazon was keen on keeping New World a hit game, unlike past bombs such as Crucible. However, recent actions and mistakes have made the future of the game grim and questionable.

Endless Glitches, Slips, and Errors

New World is already past the phase of testing the waters, yet the game still continues to test how much the players are willing to keep up with its shenanigans. Players originally had a mostly positive view of the game despite several bugs and glitches. In-game systems were also questioned and critiqued by several gamers, but they were nonetheless still happy with the breath of fresh air the game provided.

The ambiance of the game took a change of pace once several issues started to surface. The most notable affair was the coin duplication exploit. Several players were able to exploit a glitch when transporting gold from player to player that allowed coins to be duplicated. This exploit led to complications within the economy as inflation became an issue. It took a lengthy amount of time before devs were able to, at least, resolve the issue. However, this wasn’t the end of the countless issues game developers had to deal with.

The Most Recent Mistakes

New World developers had to handle issues that they themselves have committed time after time. Previously, players were infuriated with sudden and unannounced changes to the game’s end-game content right after the Into the Void patch rolled in. Amazon scaled end-game content to harder levels without any prior notice to its players. Eventually, players realized the changes in the difficulty level of the elite POIs and questioned the game developers through several forums. Admins of the game admitted that they had patched the end-game content and that they were not able to communicate it with players.

This issue came at the same time when players reported several New World items were missing from their inventory. The most notable New World items to be lost were harvesting tools. When questioned about this, the developers had admitted to removing several items as a result of trying to resolve the coin duplication exploit. The lack of transparency and communication of the game devs continues to irritate the already dwindling population.

The most recent error to spurn the ire of the players is the massive gold compensation of the game to several EU players. A number of EU players woke up to a large sum of gold suddenly transported to their inventory that led to many spending sprees. Devs noticed the mistake and had to roll back EU servers to the version before the gold was distributed. New World admitted the error stating that the original intention of the gold distribution was to compensate those who lost gold to the in-game tax. However, they made an error in the amount of gold they sent to these players.

New World in a dire situation

With back-to-back errors ranging from unannounced changes to mistakes in patches, the list of reasons to leave New World seems to be growing. Making more mistakes such as the New World gold compensation error will only further cement the MMORPG as another Amazon game blunder. The game developers should make sure that they constantly communicate with their players to retain their trust. New World should be very careful in its next steps as it is uncertain how long gamers will continue to keep up with the game’s oversight.