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Post Launch App Mistakes for Entrepreneurs to Avoid at All Cost [Complete Guide]

Post Launch App Mistakes

Hi there! The on-demand apps are perfectly aligning with the current situation of the pandemic. Through on-demand apps, users are able to suffice their needs right from groceries to medicines. The need for on-demand apps will continue to multiply, which gives business persons like you a fantastic opportunity to roll out your on-demand app. Once you launch your app, you need to continuously optimize it so that you stay on pace with the competition and users’ preferences. In this summary, we will discuss at length the different ways to optimize the app once you launch the on-demand app. Stay glued!

What is the ultimate goal of optimizing your on-demand app?

In general, the needs or preferences of the users will change from time to time. Also, you need to stay ahead of your competitors, which will fetch you more users. To tackle all these, you will definitely have to consider optimizing your app. There are different techniques employed in optimizing the on-demand app, and let us see them here.

List of ways to achieve optimization for your on-demand app

  • Improve the efficiency of your app

The very first thing is to constantly improve the app’s efficiency by fixing the errors, the addition of new features, or enhancing the overall user experience of the app. Whenever a user enters your app, they must have a fruitful experience, which includes an easy-to-understand user interface, trendy features, and of course, a smooth processor. If you constantly improve the efficiency of your app, you will have more chances of pulling users to your app. After all, it boils down to the user experience that implies the success of your app.

  • Increase the engagement with your customers

You must be aware that customer engagement is imperative for any business. Most importantly, customer engagement will stimulate the trust/loyalty of your business among the users. So, you must regularly interact with your customers, get to know their preferences, and find ways to achieve their expectations.

  • Value chain optimization

Value chain optimization refers to the activities that are carried in order to add value to your app. Other than increasing the app’s efficiency, and user engagement, it is necessary to ensure that your services reach your users on time. For example, a user books a service through your app. You must be able to deliver the service/order to the user in a short time or within the estimated time provided. In order to deliver the service or order within the stipulated time, you need many delivery professionals. On the whole, value chain optimization refers to the handling of entire business processes right from ordering to delivering.

  • Employ a business model that is flexible

Flexibility is the much-needed key in every business in order to attain the target. Flexibility means coping with the current trend so that you can win the competition. In a broader sense, you need to analyze what is needed for the users in regard to the current situation. Uber is the best example of having a flexible business model. Uber’s surge pricing in itself is a great example, where the price of the taxi increases as the demand increases.

Another example is when Uber implements a set of safety precautions like well-sanitized taxis, separate sheets in taxis, etc. to delimit the spread of the virus. By now, you would have understood the need to have flexibility in your business.

  • Data caching

Of course, all your business data needs to be backed up. That is why data caching is essential. Data caching is all about taking a copy of all the most used data so that whenever you need that data, you don’t have to generate it all over again. Instead, you can simply retrieve it from the storage.

For your users, data caching will be helpful as they simply access their data without having the need to store the data in their browser cache.

  • Employ small servers instead of bigger ones

The speed of the app will take the apex position in bringing in users to your app. The overall speed of the app can be elevated if you employ small servers instead of bigger ones. The reason is that big servers will consume more time in retrieving data in comparison to small servers. At the same time, the small server must be coupled with load balancers, which will streamline the flow of data and fetch the data in a flash.

  • Data compression

In general, data compression is to compress the data into a smaller size in comparison to the original data. Data compression will help you in saving storage space and increase the performance of the app. Some of the data compression standards are mp3, jpeg, mpeg4, and png. While these standards are applicable for audio and image files, you can compress the text files with HTML, CSS, and Javascript.

  • Attention to user’s data and privacy

Another important consideration in optimizing your app is the security of your users’ data. Here comes the importance of employing SSL and TLS optimization. Basically, the role of SSL and TLS is to ensure secure transactions of data from the browser to the server. To your knowledge, SSL and TLS optimization protocols are considered as one of the ranking factors by Google.

All these optimization techniques have to be followed in order to achieve the desired results. The ultimate aim of this summary is to educate you on the effectiveness of incorporating different optimization techniques and also to stress the fact that post launching your app, you have to constantly rework based on the users’ preferences.

Final thoughts

 Apart from all the above-discussed optimization strategies/techniques, you must be careful in choosing the type of on-demand services. The on-demand services marketplace is full of scope for entrepreneurs like you. Some of the top on-demand services that are popular among users are food/grocery delivery, medicine delivery, online healthcare consulate services, parlor services, etc. Also, you can offer all these services from a single app with the help of Gojek clone script, a readily available multi-services app.,