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Reasons Why Instagram Live Is Gaining More & More Popularity in 2021

Instagram Live

All social media platforms are providing live streaming opportunities. That is chiefly because it seems to be an effective and powerful method of engaging and connecting with your precise target audience, establishing your unique brand. Instagram is a versatile and powerful social media channel for driving new followers, boosting engagement, and increasing conversions. As per the findings of a recent study, there has been a 76 percent boost in the overall daily accumulated likes for ad posts on Instagram during the ongoing COVID-19 global pandemic, social distancing, and home quarantine. According to an expert on Wordstream, Coronavirus implies isolation. Home quarantine or isolation means more time on social media. This boost in engagement seems to make perfect sense keeping in mind the fact that Instagram usage seems to have gone up dramatically.

Instagram Live is the current craze. Livestreaming is very much in vogue currently. However, Instagram Live means that you have no opportunity for any retakes. It may seem pretty overwhelming if you are preparing for your very first broadcast. However, Instagram Live is unbeatable in terms of visibility and boost in engagement. Instagram Live videos are versatile and powerful tools for marketers to connect and interact with their targeted audience. Even though some marketers had some doubts about using Instagram Live, it has been proved beyond doubt that IG Live can be beneficial for businesses and brands. Here are the top reasons why Instagram Live will become even more popular in 2021. You can buy Instagram live views from here to gain more popularity.

Ensures Boost in Visibility

Marketers should realize that about 70 percent of the posts on Instagram are not seen. It means a tremendous amount of wasted time and effort particularly if you have invested money into the marketing and advertising strategy. Instagram Stories have been useful in combating this issue simply by strategically placing the stories right at the top of follower feeds. However, Instagram Live proves to be even smarter as it takes your content one more step further.

Instagram Live has some special features or privileges. IG Live streams are strategically placed right at the front that helps brands get a fantastic opportunity of getting views. IG Live streams are always highlighted. It helps in triggering and boosting interest to watch the videos. Moreover, IG Live seems to be push notification enabled. It implies that every user with IG Live turned on would be notified every time a live stream is started. It remarkably boosts awareness and creates your potential for increasing reach. So Instagram Live streams are discoverable despite Instagram’s ever-growing algorithm.

It is quite possible for regular Instagram posts to go missing and buried in users’ feeds. That is predominantly because posts are compelled to compete for specific spots and will be visible only to fans and followers who are most interested in and fascinated by them. It is an all-new story for IG Live. You are placed in such an advantageous position that your brand is prominently visible to everyone. You may buy Instagram comments to boost your overall follower count on Instagram.

Encourages Engagement

People are passionate about sharing their thoughts and ideas. Moreover, it gives them a real high to voice their opinions. As such, you can invite them to participate in conversations. It could prove to be pretty impactful for your business or brand. You can boost engagement with IG Live. You can now engage with your target audience in a far more interactive manner. Now you can gain instant reactions & responses, ask questions, set up polls, create quizzes, use sliders, start a chat, or hype up upcoming events with countdowns.

Livestreaming could help your followers enjoy real-time events and in-the-moment happenings with you. Instagram Live is great for speaking directly to your followers or viewers. Your followers can put in their questions, comments and share their reactions. As Instagram will be notifying your fans and followers about the time you are expected to go live, they will be tuning in for interacting with you. Instagram Live lets fans and followers go on posting comments while the live session is on. This gives businesses an opportunity to effectively connect, engage, interact, and fortify the relationship with their customers and followers. This could boost customer loyalty and enhance your ethos.

Instagram Live Comes Free of Cost

You can easily shoot a live video on this vibrant platform without paying anything. You do not have to pay anything very unlike paid Instagram ads. Going to life does not necessitate a creative. Hence, it is not necessary to employ the services of a copywriter or graphic designer. Moreover, you do not require to buy high-tech equipment like a camera, microphone, or studio lights. All you require is a smartphone.


Instagram Live is a great way to break the ice between you and your targeted audience. You get the opportunity to participate in real-time conversation and interact actively with your audience. The face-to-face interaction and experience may motivate potential customers since the content is personal and genuine.