Slot machine cheats that don’t work

Maybe because of slot machines rewarding nature, in the past, many players have tried to find ways to cheat their systems so to win easy money.

Some of these methods worked for a while before getting noticed (and the responsible arrested) while some others were just myths soon debunked – also play Rainbow Riches on

We are going to learn more here about slot machine cheats that don’t work. 

Pay attention to the slot location inside the casino 

According to some players, the place where slots are located inside the casino is not casual.

This means that machines located in busier areas are the ones you should play to enhance your chances of winning while the ones located in isolated places of the casino are the ones you should avoid.

This theory doesn’t stick to the reality of things. The place where they are located is indeed accidental.

According to another theory, you should prefer new machines rather than older ones because they are programmed to make you win. We’re afraid to remind you that they can’t be tricked as they work according to a system called random number generator. Again, the way slots work is completely casual.

Warm your coins up before playing 

According to a fun myth, you should warm your coins up before playing. This would enhance your chances of getting a victory. Another line of thought claims that the coins should be cold to work.

The reality is that slot machines are not that refined to be able to recognise the temperature of coins. Whether hot or cold, there is no chance to get more winnings altering the temperature of coins.

Stay away from the slot which just paid someone else 

If a slot machine has just rewarded somebody else, there is a small probability it will reward you soon. Always prefer slots which haven’t paid for a while. Again, the random number generator system explains why this myth has no foundation. 

The ‘winning’ schemes 

There are also some winning schemes that according to some players, in the long run, can make you win big money. Here, we are going to talk about three in particular: The Straight 60, the Zig Zag and the Play and run. Have fun reading them!  

Straight 60 

According to this playing schema, you should change the slot machine you are playing at every time this makes you lose or win 60% of your capital. By sticking to this rule, you will be more successful. 

Zig Zag

When deciding which slots to choose next, follow an order. You can decide for example to stick with different patterns according to the letter shapes. Needless to say, this trick is completely useless. 

Play and run

In this case, you are free to choose the slot machine to play at but you should remember to play for no more than 5 minutes each. Then, you should move to another and spend another 5 minutes at it. 

What do you think about these tips? We hope you put a big smile reading them.