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Solo Levelling 93 Spoilers, raw scans & release date

Solo Levelling 93

Solo Levelling is a Chugong-written South Korean web book. Since 25 July 2016, it has been released on Kakao’s digital fiction and comic box as well as on D&C Media’s Papyrus label since 4 November 2016. It has been available on its own. Only I Level Up was Webnovel’s English-language adaptation of the novel.

Since March 4, 2018, Jang Sung-rak, CEO of Redice Studio, has been serializing the webtoon adaptation on KakaoPage. On March 19, 2020, the first season came to an end. Serialization of the second season began on August 1, 2020. As of July 2020, D&C Media has compiled and distributed the individual chapters into three volumes. By way of fan translations, Solo Levelling has been translated into a variety of languages.

Netmarble Corp., a Korean gaming behemoth, is working on a game. In addition, a drama adaptation is in the works.


Following the emergence of “gates,” which bind the worlds of monsters and humans, a small percentage of the population has gained supernatural abilities to protect against the monsters. Sung Jin-woo, the story’s protagonist, belongs to the lowest level of hunters and is South Korea’s weakest hunter, barely stronger than an average person. Just a handful of hunters survive and make it out alive after he and a group of other hunters get trapped in an extremely dangerous and rare dual dungeon one day.

Despite the fact that Sung Jin-woo “dies,” he completes all of the dungeon’s trials. He then awakens in a hospital, where he discovers that he has been transformed into a reawakened “player,” with an interface that displays quests, stats, inventory, shop, and levels, as well as the unique ability to grow exponentially stronger. Sung Jin-Woo embarks on a journey to become the world’s most powerful hunter and to unravel the mystery of the monster world.

Sung Jin-Woo was pleased to see the duel between various S-rank hunters in Chapter 92.

As the challenges started, Hyeng Nim, an A rank, laments that his earlier brawl with the translator lady who came with Goto was nothing more than child’s play in comparison to the power of the S ranks.

Kumamoto, a Japanese S rank hunter, was full of blood during his fight, and Jin-woo had to intervene before he could do any serious harm, and he was subdued in seconds by Jin-woo, shocking Goto San and prompting him to inquire about the category and identity of Jin-woo once more.

After solo leveling 92, Goto San requested a one-on-one fight with Jin-woo.

Predictions of Solo Levelling 93

Solo Levelling 93

My prediction is most likely what you were thinking. We expect Jin-woo to consider Goto’s challenge because, as we all know, Jin-woo is always looking for tough opponents and obstacles, and Goto san appears to be just that.

Because of the damage to the stadium, I think the match will end in a draw, and both parties will call it off. While I assume Jin-woo would be presented as superior to Goto san before it is called off.

Jin-woo is also unlikely to demonstrate his true power. He’ll most likely use his best shadows, such as Igris, tusk, or tank.

We’ll have to wait for the official chapter, which will be published on November 14th, as excited as I am for the latest.


5 Reasons to Read Solo Levelling

1. The Main Character Who Continues to Develop

Sung Jin-Woo, the protagonist of Solo Levelling, is not the traditional protagonist who was born with superhuman strength, despite his appearance on the cover of the manhwa. Jin-woo was an E-rank Hunter, the lowest hunter, at the start of the plot. He was claimed to be Korea’s weakest Hunter, and he was just a hindrance when raiding the dungeon.

You’ll be able to follow Jin-growth Woo’s as a stronger Hunter as the story progresses. He works hard at “solo leveling” in order to gain more EXP and rare item drops than other hunters.

He used to be shy and frail, but now he dares to raid dungeons alone and puts himself in several risky situations to strengthen himself. Jin-Woo goes from becoming a nuisance when raiding to being a figure sought after by the best guilds in the country and abroad.

2. Full of Action

You’ll enjoy Solo Levelling if you enjoy action comics. Many action elements are included in this manhwa, including guns, armor, monsters, work, and skills with cool effects similar to those found in RPG games.

3. Interesting Storyline

Despite the fact that Jin-Woo is becoming stronger, he does not reveal his power to just anybody. He chooses to conceal his true power in order for others to misunderstand him.

However, anyone who unintentionally witnesses Jin-true Woo’s strength must be intrigued by the mystery surrounding his strength. As the manhwa chapter progresses, this mystery will slowly but steadily be solved.

4. Cool Artwork

Not only in terms of the plot, but many of you must also judge comics based on their artwork, right? If the artwork is unappealing or unsuitable for your tastes, you will not continue reading.

Dubu, the illustrator for Solo Levelling, can depict characters, environments, and battle scenes in a way that makes readers feel at ease. Each Solo Levelling fight scene is drawn with cool effects to keep readers interested as an action manhwa.

5. Full Color

While the covers are color, the majority of the comics inside are black and white only, with the exception of special editions and occasions, and readers are sometimes confused by the character’s hair color and clothing in the comic.

Each page in Solo Levelling is shown in full color. This makes it easier for the reader to understand each character and object in the manhwa, in addition to making it more enjoyable to read.


We’ve tried to cover all things that you should know about Solo Levelling 93 problems in this article. I believe you have a good understanding of it. Even, if you have any doubts, please leave a comment below.