Sports Apps: Technology Trends to Monitor in Australia

It would be fair to say that the Digital Revolution has had a truly transformative impact on the way the Australian sports industry operates.

The country’s geographical location often resulted in it being overlooked by sports fans, particularly with regard to events staged within Australia’s own borders.

For example, despite being described as ‘the race that stops the nation’, the Melbourne Cup was largely ignored by the global horse racing community before the past couple of decades.

However, advancements in technology have helped the Melbourne Cup and other major Australian sports events gain much greater worldwide recognition.

Improved smartphone technology has undoubtedly been a key driver, providing sports in Australia with a platform to showcase themselves to a much wider audience.

By developing mobile apps, top Australian sports such as horse racing, rugby league, and cricket now have much broader appeal than was previously the case.

Given the evolving nature of app technology, the next few years will likely see more innovations impact Australian sports. Here’s a look at some of the trends worth monitoring.

Sports Betting Apps

Given Australia’s love for sports, it comes as no surprise to find that its citizens are also extremely passionate about betting – more so than any other major jurisdiction in the world.

Australians generate an average annual revenue per user of $1,300 on sports betting, nearly four times more than the average across the rest of the world.

It is estimated that Australia is responsible for around one-fifth of global online sports betting revenue – a staggering figure considering how popular wagering is in other established jurisdictions.

With betting apps in Australia expected to become increasingly sophisticated and several new operators targeting the market, that figure could rise significantly over the next few years.

Artificial intelligence (AI) has been tipped to be the catalyst for further growth, with operators increasingly using the technology to offer more personalized betting experiences.

Multi-Functional Sports Platforms

Although mobile apps have made it much easier for people to engage with Australian sports in recent years, users still face some frustrating challenges.

For example, some sports require you to download different apps to keep up-to-speed with news, watch live events, place bets, and so on.

However, we anticipate there will be a significant shift towards the development of multi-functional sports platforms over the next few years.

These will effectively be a one-stop shop where every aspect of your engagement with your chosen sport will be performed in a single app.

Fans will no longer have to switch between different services to engage with sports – a factor that will significantly boost their enjoyment of the entire experience.

Data Collection for Improving Injury Outcomes

Vancouver-based movement analytics company Plantiga Technologies could become a key player in the prevention and treatment of injuries in Australian sports.

The firm recently launched the fifth generation of its sensor pod, Arc5 – a product that captures ecologically relevant movement data of human biomechanics.

Plantinga already works with elite athletes in sports teams across the NBA, MLB, MLS, NFL, NHL, and NCAA, but now aims to spread its wings overseas.

Australian sport has been identified as a target market for the Arc5, with the NRL and A-League among the competitions that may utilize the innovative technology.

The Arc5 sensor, which is able to collect data for up to 12 hours, can predict injury risks, disease progression, rehab outcomes, and more via an associated app.