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Technology Trends Influencing Marketing in 2021

Technology Trends Influencing Marketing in 2021

We are seeing a change and development in technological trends every passing day. Movements that were useful yesterday are made more advanced today and are influencing every field of human life. The business industry is under heavy impact and influence of the rapidly moving technological progress. It affects every unit of business, from IT and operations to R&D and marketing. Businesses are using a massive amount of investments in improving their use of technology.

Marketers, however, have found the most excellent use of technology with several new techniques to attract, interact, and deliver value to the customers. The social network has become a common platform for both parties, buyers, and sellers, to get their message across to each other. With the increased use of technology, businesses are incorporating these trends into their marketing plans. Let’s have a look at some of the top technology trends which have influenced marketing in 2021.

1. Data Analytics

When you invest in a new marketing strategy, you are mainly looking for a return on investment. The first step to estimate ROI is seeing the response of the public to your new plan. Data Analytics is a way of assessing your digital marketing strategy results. It allows you to have a look at your reach. It doesn’t only show the demographic areas of interest but also lets you examine consumers’ profiles. It includes their preferences, choices, and behavior towards their product, along with their purchase history. It enables you to filter down the targeted audience and understand what type of people are interested in your product or service. Consumers also share their personal information like name, phone numbers, and emails, which helps businesses expand their contact list and attract more leads. Gathering this information enables marketers to improve their campaigns and enhance the experience for consumers too.

2. SEO

Search Engine Optimization is the primary step towards getting your brand under the spotlight and becoming the first option for consumers. It aligns with your content marketing strategy. With free SEO tools available online, marketers find it easier than ever to use keywords and hyperlinks, which help them become market leaders. You add certain words and phrases in your blogs, videos, eBooks, articles, and posts multiple times. These keywords help you come to the top of the search results of search engines. This trend seems to be never-ending, as people are increasingly using search engines for their everyday operations. Being on top brings more leads to your business; it also increases web traffic, sales, and revenues. Just remember to understand your targeted audience’s intent and produce relevant content.

3. PPC Ads

Digital marketers and researchers have suggested that the Pay-Per-Click advertisement will see new heights this year. It’s pretty accurate up till now. If you are a business operating in a fast pacing environment like right now, you must go for PPC ads. They have taken over almost every social platform, from Google searches and LinkedIn posts to YouTube videos and Video Games – they are everywhere! The investment is quite promising, too. And it is very effective in generating leads and increasing web traffic. Your ad will display in front of your targeted audience, which Google would have filtered and funneled to specify. With every click on the ad, you will pay the authority, but that would help you attract more customers.

4. Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing has taken the business industry to a whole new level of successful commerce. Social networks like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter are present on every computer or mobile device. It is beneficial for consumers as much as it is for sellers because they can now surf through various options before deciding. Marketing strategies are now necessarily inclusive of social media campaigns, following new trends like hashtags and viral memes. Marketers aim their techniques at the right sort of audience and have one-to-one communication with the company. There are several ways to strategize online media networks; one such way is to build a community. By funneling down the specific type of audience, marketers start by grouping them and knowing the brand as one. Interestingly, the algorithm of Facebook works in such a way – it communicates your message to the correct type of audience to maximize lead generation.

5. Influencer Marketing

It is an added marketing strategy in alignment with social media marketing. It uses the authority figures on these networks. As a marketer, you can shorten a list of bloggers, YouTubers, and content creators who have many followers. Then, you can start by communicating with them and sending them a PR package. They’re going to unbox, use and review it in front of their followers and encourage them to use your product or service, as well. They may add your backlink to their stories and under their posts, which will help lead generation. Their followers are going to visit your website, allowing you more excellent website traffic. This type of influence allows your potential customers to trust your brand and prioritize your products over your competitors. It is majorly because influencers’ followers tend to copy their lifestyles and choose what they’re picking in the hope of a better lifestyle. Hence, if you want to build brand awareness, along with a higher chance of attracting a broader market base, then influencers are your way to success.


The ongoing pandemic has proven the previous years to be one of the worst in ages regarding business and its operation. The New Year, 2021, has brought high hopes for commerce across the world. A large part of it is because of increasing technological advancement. The new trends that the world is experiencing sound very promising to the business industry, especially its marketing plans. Hopefully, all these trends will stay sustainable and valuable in the coming future, as they are now.