The Best Alternative To Microsoft Outlook – EssentialPIM

Microsoft Outlook holds the position of the numero uno email program which has gained a solid fan following amongst users be it for private or business use. Maybe this is why they launch Microsoft Outlook automatically on starting their system to benefit out of the stellar combination of a task planner, calendar, and email client under one roof. Users can manage multiple email accounts simultaneously and navigate between menus courtesy of its seamless interface. This tool can be integrated easily with Excel, PowerPoint, and Word for greater functionality. There is also an option of scanning and removing dangerous email attachments so that your system doesn’t fall prey to cyber-attacks.

However, this convenience comes with a bulky price tag and this has led to the demand for an MS Outlook alternative that can deliver all of its plus points sans the exorbitant cost. MS Outlook also has a variety of other loopholes in the form of calendar overload, inadequate task management, the complex password recovery process, and more. Users can also be seen complaining about the fact that Microsoft Outlook levies greater preference to exchange accounts compared to other email accounts and this might interfere with your normal workflow.

Choosing the best Microsoft Outlook alternative is easier said than done as the market is filled with ‘n’ number of options each with its own set of pros and cons. It becomes pretty difficult for a layman to take the end call. Keeping such things in mind, we have researched on our end and have decided on EssentialPIM to be the best organizer and email client which can replace Microsoft Outlook. Read on to know the different ways in which this cross-platform application is giving the Microsoft product a run for its money:

Email Module

One of the most notable aspects of EssentialPIM is its mail module which supports both POP3 and IMAP protocols and exchange. You can avail of this portable email client either in online or offline mode as per your requirement. Greater productivity at work is guaranteed courtesy of its integration with the remaining modules such as Contacts. On launching the application for the first time, users are prompted to add a mail account by a self-explanatory wizard. There is no upper limit on the number of mail accounts that can be added to the EPIM database.


Emails can be sent either in HTML (rich text format), or in plain text and the formats can be switched easily. Frequently used phrases can be saved as canned responses for being inserted into your mail body and saving time while composing emails or sending replies. Changes can be made in the Mail settings like selecting the auto-saving time for draft messages, adding auto-numbering in replies, etc. EssentialPIM allows its users to sort and filter emails using various search fields like To, From, Subject, Tags, Body, etc. Mails can also be grouped using colorful categories for being sorted out easily later on and saving your time in the process.

If you are using multiple mail accounts with EssentialPIM, then you can check each of their general account properties by right-clicking on an item and selecting the appropriate option from the context menu. Some of the information you can gather is the account name, the size of the disk, the number of messages, and quota usage. You can now methodize your email management and de-clutter your email folders by auto-archiving messages older than a certain number of days.

Contacts Module


Storing and editing records becomes easy with EssentialPIM which also allows the creation of print envelopes, newsletters, and labels. The presence of powerful filtering tools ensures that the contacts once saved are never lost. You can store every form of data coupled with unlimited custom fields. Once the contacts are saved, they can be synchronized with Google, iOS, and Android devices for being accessed on the go.

Tasks Module


Managing your daily work becomes easy with the Tasks module of EssentialPIM as tasks can be arranged by hierarchy and sorted as per priorities. Users can choose the auto-deletion of tasks right away, on passage of a certain time from completion, or let them remain as it is. The start and end date of a task can be set and reminders can be scheduled so that you don’t forget about the same. Floating tasks is an innovative new feature of the Tasks module. On being checked while setting a task, the unfinished ones automatically float and move to the next day without any interference and stay intact unless they are completed. The addition of the Kanban board allows using tasks as cards to visualize and efficiently manage different stages of work.

Notes Module


You can think of the Notes module to be an advanced text editor for storing data and neatly organizing the same for easy retrieval. Users can create a Task or Appointment directly from the note content. There are ample editing options like font style, size, bold, italics, strikethrough, underline, superscript, subscript, alignment, font color, text highlight color, etc. for imparting a professional look and feel to the saved information.

Users can even create sticky notes and make them appear on the desktop as a colored reference. This feature can be of great help if you need to have a reminder of any sort right in front of your eyes. Bookmarks can be created in a note using Anchor which can be interlinked. Notes can be zoomed into and out of without meddling with the remaining formatting. Users can also star notes as favorites for ready access. EssentialPIM has added a list of recently modified and recently added notes with its latest update.

Calendar Module


One of the basic milestones of getting organized is inculcating a calendar into our daily life. In this way, we can keep track of all upcoming events and prepare accordingly. Starting each day by taking a look at the daily calendar can help you get ready to take on various challenges. EssentialPIM makes this entire thing easy by displaying the calendar according to day, week, month, week agenda, year, or table view.

There is also an option of filtering events according to categories like work, personal, etc. The presence of templates allows the insertion of new items easily and in an error-free manner. Users can easily handle their scheduled data courtesy of the printout, synchronization, and export capabilities of EssentialPIM. It now becomes possible to check the weather forecast for the upcoming days before scheduling a meeting with EssentialPIM. This is particularly helpful if your meeting requires traveling and can ensure that you are fully prepared to attend the event be it with your umbrella or a stellar PowerPoint presentation.

Passwords Module


Users can generate passwords using defined patterns, store various password data and organize password entries into groups by banking on the powerful password management tool of EssentialPIM. Sensitive credentials like your passwords can be stored in a worry-free manner and also sorted in unlimited hierarchical groups for being retrieved easily. Once the passwords have been saved in the database, they can be auto-typed into web forms using a single click. Users can now enhance the visuals of their password entries by setting icons for individual password entries. There is also an option of fetching favicons from different websites.

Final Words

EssentialPIM is an innovative email client and personal and professional organizer that can store and organize all your information ranging from notes to tasks, appointments, passwords, contacts, and emails securely. All the data remains stored in a common database and can be synchronized with your Android and iOS devices so that further information can be added on the go without having to switch on your computer time and again.

A high level of portability allows using this tool directly from the USB flash drive or similar portable devices. None of the software data leaves any trace on the host system as it is stored in a dedicated folder of the removable media. Users often worry about media theft while storing their data online. EssentialPIM can help bid adieu to such problems by using strong encryption in the form of an industry-standard AES 256-bit key. Users can easily restore their data to the previous state if any of the EPIM items get modified accidentally. Under the Business edition, users can also see who made the alterations and the time when they were made.