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The Deal with WoW TBC Classic Boosting

WoW TBC Classic

Why is it a big deal?

Boosting in games has always been around. Whether it was aided by other players or the developers provide the service, it’s there. Now, players have taken issue with WoW the Burning Crusade Classic’s approach to it. Even with limits such as there can only be one per WoW TBC Classic account, they’re still angry about them.

So, what’s the deal?

The Boost

It’s basically what it says on the tin, a service that boosts a character to a certain level. It has a few limitations though:

Only one is allowed per World of Warcraft account

It cannot be used on a Blood Elf or Draenei character

It can only be used on a character that will be transferred into the Burning Crusade Classic servers

Take note that while the first release of this expansion did not provide this service, future ones did until it became a staple. Even then, it was the player’s choice to accept it or not.

The Pros

Some players actually like and want the option to skip leveling to 58 or 60. That way they can instantly catch up to their friends on the content of the expansion. Otherwise, maybe they needed a way for their alt to reach that level quickly. Some players who made many alts will be relieved they don’t have to go through leveling yet another time. At any rate, they find it useful, and so are grateful to have the option available.

These are the people who don’t mind the service. Unfortunately, they are the minority, and they seem to be quieter than their counterparts.

The Cons

The noisy players all cry out that it shouldn’t have been added. They feel like the min/maxing attitude of Retail players is bleeding into the ‘pure’ Classic experience. They feel that to enjoy the game to the fullest, players have to go through the ‘journey’. That is, questing and exploring for a slower progression.

The min/max mentality is to rush leveling to get to the ‘endgame’ as fast as they can. After that, they have to corner the market and hoard WoW TBC Classic items. Then they sell that and amass a fortune in WoW TBC Classic gold. Otherwise, they raid again and again, which is like to end in them burning out and quitting until the next update.

While on paper, there’s nothing too wrong with that. Players should be able to enjoy the game how they want to. The problem is that some of these players start to terrorize, gank, or otherwise make the game unenjoyable for more casual players. This kind of behavior can’t be allowed to happen, yet it does.

Other than that, they’re saying it’s just another move to squeeze in more profit from the players. The main issue with this is that it is making the game ‘pay to win’, which isn’t true at all. Sure, the player has a high-level character, but he has to find gear for it and get used to its skill mechanics. You can’t call experience from Retail as experience since that version has gone through numerous reworks. Lastly, some others think it’s unnecessary since leveling is faster in the expansion.

The Verdict

Well, both sides really do have some points. It is a useful catch-up tool, but it also opens the door for abuses to come through. Botting could have a surge, and without this option to boost, some players will get another player to boost them instead.

To sum it all up, noisy players complaining about boosting are just looking for something to complain about. If they didn’t agree with boosting, they can just ignore the option. Plus, the majority of the player base who have real-life responsibilities can’t sit at the computer for hours on end anymore. This is a godsend for them since they don’t have to slog through hours of grinding.

There’s no reason to complain about the boost really. What’s actually ruining the game experience is the attitude of some players. Their race to min/max, optimize, and reach the endgame in the shortest time also creates a toxic environment for the rest of the players.

Unfortunately, the only way to avoid them is by moving to a server where there are fewer of that kind of player. That, or wait for them to burn out, though you’ll have to move again when new content arrives. There have always been players like that, and they will continue to exist in the future. Due to lack of rule enforcement, avoidance is the best way to deal with these players.

Enjoy The Burning Crusade, farming WoW TBC gold, questing, or whatever way you have fun playing!