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Top 15 OKSMS Alternatives for SMS Verification


Are you registering for an email address on a reputable website? If you are, you must enter a phone number and email address before the PIN can be sent to authenticate your account. However, you can utilize OKSMS to create an email address for a temporary reason, which will provide you with SMS delivery even without a physical phone number.

The greatest site to use to receive the list of numbers for free is OKSMS. You can obtain SMS verification with OKSMS’s assistance. However, there may occasionally be some while using this website, and you may search for the best workarounds for any difficulties you encounter. Learn about the top 15 websites like OKSMS.

1. FreePhoneNum.com


At the top of the list of the finest OKSMS substitutes, you’ll discover FreePhoneNum.com. It provides free new phone numbers from several countries to its consumers. The service currently accepts phone numbers from nations including Canada, the United U.S., Poland, Puerto Rico, and other countries. Do you know why users go for FreePhoneNum.com over OKSMS? as a result It keeps your number current by changing it every two weeks.

2. Receivefreesms.com

Receivefreesms.com is a wonderful website that you may use as an alternative to OKSMS. It is a top-notch website that you may choose from to send and receive messages online, and it provides all of its services gratis, exactly like OKSMS. You won’t need to worry about that, and everyone will be able to see any messages you send to the website’s published phone number.

The website does provide its visitors with public phone numbers from a variety of nations, including India, Belgium, Sweden, and many others. You can test any of the numbers, and they will all operate without a hitch.

3. Receivesmsonline.net

Receivesmsonline.net comes next on the list of OKSMS substitutes. You can receive better services by selecting the greatest website. You can get roughly five numbers from this website that you can use to send and receive messages. Many 403 problems may appear while using the website, however, they can be fixed by just refreshing the page.

When taking this test, you won’t have any of these problems. It is crucial because failing to do so could aggravate you when you are pressed for time with error 403.

4. Receive-SMS.com

Receive-SMS.com is one of the most interesting and entertaining websites for receiving SMS online as an OKSMS substitute. A phone number list that you may use anywhere is available on the website. Your homepage will update right away with the message you get on the virtual number.

There will be roughly seven demo numbers available for you to try, and if you’d like, you may even buy private numbers from the website. With this, you may even access your inbox for all of your private messages.

5. TextNow.com

TextNow.com is the greatest option if you’re seeking a private number and don’t want a public number or message exposed publicly. When you register for an account, the website gives you a private number and an inbox.

You may even utilize the US-based VPN on this OKSMS substitute, which gives you the option to open a free account and receive a secret number. Only after you sign into the account can you see the number.

6. SMS-Online

SMS-Online is a website with a cutting-edge layout and the best user experience. It \shas a clean user interface that offers its service with 12 various services that range from the \sUS to the UK. Currently, it is available in English, German, and even French.

It is the greatest OKSMS substitute on the list that enables online SMS delivery without the use of a mobile device.

7. Receive-Sms-Online.com

The greatest website to provide you with a large number of phone numbers is Receive-Sms-Online.com. You can set up a temporary email account and use those numbers from anywhere. You will find roughly eight numbers that are functional on this OKSMS alternative. The business’s UK phone numbers have undergone testing and are error-free.

You can access the website where you might even get a list of the received messages by simply clicking the used number.

8. Twilio

Twilio is the next best alternative to OKSMS, and if you give them your phone number, they’ll give you a free private number where you may receive the messages. When you provide them with your number, a confirmation code will be sent to you. Additionally, users can even make the messages you get on the phone from their dashboard if they create a trial account.

While using that trial account, you will not be allowed to send messages but will have the opportunity to swiftly receive them from any number.


The next option to OKSMS is SMS-MAN, which is the best platform for giving you a private virtual phone number from over 358 different nations. You may also be able to rent it.

Additionally, you can buy the number and use it for several applications, like Telegram and Instagram.

With this OKSMS substitute, you won’t have any issues because it will provide you with services around-the-clock. You can request an SMS at any moment during the day, and you’ll get one right away. You’ll even benefit from it when you visit other nations.

10. SMSCodes.io

There aren’t many professionals that can give temporary phone numbers, which people frequently need for the verification process. However, you are fortunate that SMSCodes.io helped you locate that provider and use those services. Additionally, you can pay a little fee to use their services to authenticate your account with a private number.

You may establish and verify accounts on sites like YouTube, WeChat, WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram, and more using this OKSMS alternative’s sim card number. After choosing a nation, you can register for an account with SMSCodes and wait for the text verification.

11. Freeonlinephone.org

Freeonlinephone.org is another website on the list that can provide you with a free online number. You may have observed that the third-most-visited site has the best layout and color scheme. Additionally, it is the finest OKSMS substitute because, in the past, users had trouble using the website efficiently.

However, because the website has replaced the outdated numbers with new ones, you won’t experience any issues now. As a result, it is presently operational, and you may easily use its services.

12. Sellaite SMS Receiver

Sellaite SMS Receiver also provides a number from Estonia that is extremely dependable, similar to the other OKSMS alternative. You can choose a free phone number after conducting online verification using pre-recorded voice call messages. Furthermore, just entering your mobile number and waiting for the confirmation, it aids in completing the registration procedure on several websites like Facebook.

This website’s listing has been thoroughly tested, and everything is operating as it should. As a result, the phone number and message will be made public.

13. Textfree

Do you have any issues with TextNow? If so, you still have Textfree as an option in addition to OKSMS, so don’t panic. It serves as a substitute for TextNow, which makes it simple to set up an account with a legitimate US zip code.

You may easily get the US Zip Code using a Google search, and after creating an account, you can select the number from a list of US numbers.


Do you have trouble getting around the Gmail phone verification? If so, SMS PVA is your best option and an alternative to OKSMS. The best virtual number for SMS account activation is this one. In over 30 nations, including Russia, Brazil, Ukraine, Cambodia, Indonesia, Georgia, and many more, you can even get an SMS verification.

If you want to use it to receive SMS on programs like Dent, Amazon, Gmail, Dent, Discord, Yahoo, Spotify, Snapchat, Instagram, and others, this is the ideal option.

15. MobileSMS.io

MobileSMS.io is the option to select if you’re looking for the greatest and most expensive paid services that provide you with a non-VOIP actual sim card number. Germany, Spain, India, the USA, the UK, and many other countries have phone numbers available. It will function on whatever website you pick because it is a genuine article.

It is the least expensive alternative available, and if you are sick of using OKSMS, it is the greatest choice you can make. In addition, the platform provides a 7-day money-back guarantee if you don’t get an SMS with a verification code.

The Final Words

Finally, these were some of the best alternative sites to OKSMS where you can receive SMS online without a mobile phone. Any of these OKSMS alternatives available for your consideration are most suitable for you.

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