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Top 5 gambling mini-games in video games

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Everybody knows that the gaming experience is enhanced when you play a mini-game inside your favorite video game. Mini-games can vary drastically – from fishing and dancing activities to gambling. Let’s sit down, relax and remember the top 5 gambling mini-games from different video games together with the Exycasinos team of experts.

1. GTA San Andreas and GTA V

Our first spot goes onto classics. San Andreas (and GTA V as well) is a fictional state of three cities based on real counterparts – Los-Santos (Los-Angeles), San-Fierro (San-Francisco), and Las-Venturas (Las-Vegas). And what’s the last one famous for? Right, casinos! The casinos in these games boast a whole host of classics, from poker and blackjack, to roulette and slot machines. And if that’s not enough for you, you can always bet on a (digital) horse race in San Andreas.

2. Fallout: New Vegas

Fallout is a post-apocalyptic RPG franchise in the USA (or its post-war remains). However, Las Vegas was able to survive, and people not only live there, but they still gamble! Getting into the city is not the fastest thing in this game, but you can play the entire gamut of classic casino games, from Texas Hold’Em to roulette, when you finally arrive. And don’t forget that it’s an RPG, so you can encounter dozens of NPC and accept numerous quests revolving around New Vegas!

3. Red Dead Redemption 1&2

Another Rockstar game franchise with an open world takes part in the Wild West. Cowboys, saloons, train robberies – you get it right. Mini-games in RDR 1&2 are realistically woven into the world. You can play all manner of gambling mini-games, from card games like poker and blackjack to more “action” activities like arm wrestling and horseshoes.

4. The Witcher

Sure, witchers are superhuman monster-slayers, yet still, they won’t give up a drink or some gambling. In Witcher 1&2, you could play dice poker, and Witcher 3 introduced a new card game – Gwent, which was eventually released as a stand-off game. And if Geralt (and you) are tired of gambling, you can always participate in horse racing or wrestling.

5. Watch Dogs

This game is all about hacking, so why did developers include poker as a mini-game? Well, you can play “honestly,” or you can cheat in several extraordinary ways, including abilities to monitor the stress of the other players, check the win/lose ratio of other player’s cards, or even simply hacking into nearby security cameras to spy on opponents’ cards. It sounds like fun, isn’t it?

Honorable mention – Super Mario 64.

This game franchise won numerous rewards back in time as well as millions of people’s hearts. In Mario 64, you can visit Luigi (Mario brother) ‘s casino and play slot machines and card games in the Super Mario theme. While this game is pretty old and related to the old Nintendo DS days, if you have a DS lying around, get it out and try this masterpiece!