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Top companies are accepting bitcoin crypto!

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Without reliable, quality information and a lack of transparency into individual companies’ processes, the global logistics industry is at significant risk for potential threats. Platforms like bitlq app offer numerous trading options and help you in starting the bitcoin trading journey without any dedicated training. Luckily for supply chain professionals and companies alike, the cryptocurrency landscape has provided a way to reduce risks in this industry further.

 Since more companies accept bitcoin crypto payment methods to mitigate these risks, cryptocurrency adoption is expected to grow significantly in 2022. When companies accept cryptocurrency, they can transfer money immediately to the vendor, unlike bank wire transfers which typically take three to five days and incur significant fees. Therefore, it is beneficial for businesses needing parts or materials when a potential threat arises. According to research by Capgemini Financial Services, about 11% of companies are currently accepting digital payments like bitcoin crypto.

More than 1 million enterprises are accepting cryptocurrencies or considering them as a payment option due to their ability to reduce transaction costs and the increasing ease of use for their customers. The ability of customers and vendors to transfer money instantaneously has been shown again with ransomware attacks, where some payments have been made within minutes of the attack being discovered. Let’s discuss top companies accepting bitcoin payments.

1. Microsoft:

Microsoft has been accepting bitcoin payments since 2014. The company allows you to use your bitcoin wallet as a payment option when buying products from Xbox and the Microsoft store. Microsoft believes cryptocurrency can reduce transaction costs and provide faster processing times for global payments.

2. DISH:

DISH Network Corporation is an American direct-broadcast satellite service provider headquartered in Meridian, Colorado, United States. It provides television and audio services to subscribers in the United States and Mexico for 20 million dollars every month by accepting bitcoin through Coin Payment. Coin Payments is a payment gateway that supports over 100 cryptocurrencies, enabling anyone from any country to purchase DISH services simply and easily using bitcoin crypto payments.

3. PayPal:

When accepting bitcoin crypto payments, PayPal is an online payment system that allows users to send and receive money via email, SMS, and the PayPal website. Payward Inc is another online payment system used worldwide by businesses located anywhere in the world that want their customers to be able to shop with them using bitcoin crypto payments through Coin Payment.

PayPal recently integrated the button to buy and sell cryptocurrencies on their platform using traditional payment methods. Still, you cannot buy bitcoin on PayPal using any other digital currencies.

4. American Express:

American Express has accepted bitcoin payments since 2014 to make global transfers and minimize transaction costs. This partnership with Coinbase allows you to access AMEX-affiliated sites where you can purchase gift cards and travel on American Express-owned flights at a reduced rate compared with other competitors.

5. eBay:

eBay has partnered with Coinbase since 2014, allowing you to buy products through the online site using bitcoin crypto payments. In addition, eBay is a global online marketplace where you can bid on an item or sell an item to another person effortlessly using several payment methods, including PayPal, Google Checkout, and more.

6. Steam:

The popular platform for digital games started accepting bitcoin crypto payments through Coinbase in 2016 after the company saw bitcoin’s potential to help increase the buying power of video game fans worldwide. These payments can be made by credit card, debit card, or any other online payment method that accepts digital currency.

7. Dell:

Dell has been accepting bitcoin payments since 2015 to increase the value of the cryptocurrency further and provide a global payment option for customers. In addition, the company allows you to buy products through the official Dell website, providing a mobile app that allows you to check on your order status and track your order by scanning a code.

8. Dell Computers:

Dell Computers are -prominent technology companies that have been accepting bitcoin crypto payments. As a result, the company offers fast global pay-outs when you have ordered electronic equipment, cutting down on settlement time and transaction costs, and making it incredibly easy for customers to purchase their new device(s) with bitcoin crypto payments.

9. Overstock:

Overstock.com is an online retail company founded in Utah, United States, in 1994. They have been accepting cryptocurrency payments since 2014 from their e-commerce website. Overstock offers a wide range of products for home and office use, such as furniture, rugs, appliances, and other items for daily use.

10. Expedia:

Expedia is a worldwide online travel agency allowing you to purchase flight and hotel reservation tickets through the Expedia website. In addition, the company has been one of the first global companies to take bitcoin crypto payments since 2014.


As you can see, cryptocurrency has a bright future for global payments, with more companies accepting bitcoin payments daily. It creates a more secure and safer digital economy with fast processing times and low transaction costs. As the currency becomes more mainstream, this will lead to a reduction in fraud and cybercrime. Companies like Coin Payments and Coinbase are helping to make this possible by providing payment gateways that support over 100 different cryptocurrencies, making it incredibly easy for merchants and buyers to use bitcoin crypto payments for transactions across borders.

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