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Top Five Esports Live Streaming Platforms for Beginners

Esports Live Streaming PlatformsEsports Live Streaming Platforms

Esports is an exciting endeavor, especially when you are looking for a way to pass time or enjoy your free time. Just like how you can decide to dabble in sports betting, such as wagering against the point spreads, you can do so with esports. You can do a lot when you join the online video gaming industry.

Aside from being a professional gamer, you can also try to follow the game live or create a buzz around a particular event so that more people decide to join. There is always an event to check out every year. If you are even looking for a career path, live streaming esports events and games can be an option for you.

As a result, you need to find the right platforms to aid this endeavor. To do that, we’ve listed five different esports live streaming platforms perfect for beginners. So, you can check them out to pick the one that works for you.


Twitch is one of the most popular live-streaming platforms for video game lovers. It allows game lovers to stream their videos easily on all common social media platforms. It continues to show information on total views, followers, and live viewership for all your up-to-date videos.

The platform offers an easy setup that comes with a flexible user interface. It is compatible with a wide range of video streaming utilities, and it circulates content from pros and hobbyists. You can also access playlists for free, and if you upgrade to a turbo account, you can get access to additional chat rooms, emoticons, and rich functionality.

YouTube Gaming

The YouTube Gaming design and layout are not entirely bad. It even supports videos with a 4k resolution level at a 60 fps frame rate alongside many transcoding facilities available for streamers. It also helps streamers stay well-organized as streams and videos are much easier to manage.

The YouTube Gaming mobile application includes support for iOS and Android platforms. It is possible to find its layout quite clean, and the content quality is high enough.

Gosu Gamers

Gosu Gamers is mostly popular among youngsters for sharing awesome gaming experiences. The gaming platform works with lots of advanced tools and makes things easier for beginners, especially those that do not have much experience with live streaming and esports.

The platform is tied to esports activities, and broadcasters from all age groups are available on the platform. It also offers much better interactions between users and helps grow the streaming business with complete ease. In addition, it supports various common file formats with incredible video content quality.

Bigo Live

This platform is one of the growing video streaming apps on social media, and its most recent update came with improved support for all rich features to ensure game streaming needs are fulfilled easily. It helps users to connect with the community directly. And the streaming on Bigo Live is well-bridged to bring people close.

You can use Bigo Live on Google Play, Mac, and Android APK. In addition, it assists users with fast and easy streaming to popular social media platforms, and it provides distinct options for game broadcasting.


Although HitBox has almost the same user interface as other video game streaming platforms, it works with an excellent color scheme. It is easy for users to look for their favorite videos, and the streams are sectioned into public, private, and even adults-only collections.

It requires a high-performance computer before you can live stream videos on the platform, and it also needs built-in capture cards alongside external devices for recording. In addition to that, the platform is free to access,

Bottom Line

Esports live streaming is pretty exciting, and if you can find the right platform, you won’t have any issues getting started. All you need to do is ensure that you have the right device to carry the power that live streaming requires. Once that is sorted, you can start watching your favorite esports games and events. Also, you can start practicing to become a professional gamer.

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