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Twitch error 4000 Resource format not supported

Twitch error 4000

Twitch is the most popular streaming platform for gamers. However, the app has been no exception when it has come to face errors. The recent one is Twitch Error 4000 where gamers are reporting no audio output while streaming. Here’s how you can fix it

How to fix twitch error code 4000?

1. Play the stream in the pop-up player

  • Click on the configuration icon in the lower right corner of the stream.
  • Select the popup player.
  • Check if the issue is solved.

2. Refresh the stream

Sometimes, while waiting for the stream to open, various issues could interfere with your internet access. Doing the simple task of refreshing the page solves the problem. To refresh the stream, press the Ctrl + R button on your keyboard or click the refresh icon in your browser.

3. Close other active media players

Twitch error 4000

  • Open Task Manager by pressing Ctrl+Shift+Esc
  • Select each media player and click End Process.
  • Close the Task Manager and try reloading to see if the stream works.

4. Remove the audio hardware

Twitch error 4000

Prevents additional audio hardware stream connected to your PC from loading. Interferes with hardware such as headphones or external speakers. Remove the hardware from your PC and try reloading the stream. If the error persists, you can plug in the audio hardware again.

5. Change Google Chrome’s automatic play settings

  • Open a blank page in Google Chrome.
  • Click on the address bar, type chrome: flags, and press Enter.

Twitch error 4000

  • Search for Autoplay policy and select “Document User Activation is required”.
  • Restart Google Chrome and try to reopen the stream.

Twitch error 4000

6. Use the Twitch desktop app

If you can’t open twitch streams in Google Chrome, then you can download the desktop application. It is found that the Twitch desktop app has a lot of improvements compared to the web version of Twitch. Since it is a standalone app, it provides better responsiveness and offers additional tools and features.

The above solutions should definitely help in Fixing Twitch error 4000. Comment down below which method worked for you

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