Want to Increase Your Marketability in IT? Here’s How

Want to Increase Your Marketability in IT? Here’s How

According to the Computing Technology Industry Association (CompTIA), the world’s leading vendor-neutral IT certifying body, 245,500 jobs were added this year to the burgeoning tech industry.

CompTIA also projects the cybersecurity field alone will grow 31% within the next decade and that the median wage within IT will remain nearly double the median national wage.

Put simply, if you’re planning to be an IT professional, or already are one, you’re on a great career path. Looking to increase your marketability in IT? Here’s how:

Lifelong Learning in the Tech Industry

With a positive job outlook anticipated in the next decade, taking the necessary steps to improve your chances of being hired for higher-paying jobs in the tech industry is a smart move. Of course, there are countless ways to achieve that goal, but one of the best is committing to being a lifelong learner by pursuing an online technology degree.

If you find it difficult to juggle work and family commitments while also furthering your education, online degrees and certifications allow you to learn on your own time from the convenience of your computer. Not interested in earning an additional technology degree? Then know there are several technology certifications available that allow you to advance in your career.

Cloud Computing

These days, businesses are turning to cloud computing options to provide better customer service, streamline operations, and save money. As such, cloud-based solutions are becoming more and more of a necessity to build and store data for companies, ranging from tech start-ups to large corporations like Amazon Web Services, Microsoft, and Google.

As an IT professional certified in cloud computing, your marketability will be your expertise in the cloud-based tools that are required to build IoT systems. A technology degree, in addition to a tech certification, will ensure you understand the fundamentals of wired, optical, and wireless technologies, including network design and security.


Securing online activity and transactions has become a primary concern in today’s business world. Every company, from the distribution industry to medical professionals to finance, faces an increasing threat of cyberattacks and phishing that puts sensitive, personal information at risk.

Added to that, companies that become the victims of data breaches risk their reputation and profits being compromised or stolen, respectively. Thus, hiring IT professionals skilled in cybersecurity is a top priority for many HR departments.

With a certification in cybersecurity, you’ll learn how to troubleshoot and navigate hardware, networks, and operating systems. You’ll also become an expert in setting up and managing cloud computing securely, including on Linux operating systems.

Data Mining and Analytics

Hiring an IT professional who is an expert in data mining, analytics, and predictive models is critical for companies using automated merchandising, smart technology-assisted personalization, and dynamic pricing. Plus, you’ll have access to important knowledge pertaining to Linux operating systems, which are used on multiple devices.

Having expertise in matters related to data mining, retrieving and storing data, and finding patterns through statistical analysis will be an asset to any company wishing to use data to increase its marketing efforts. And let’s face it, that’s essentially all companies. You’ll also be more marketable as a candidate for companies looking to hire software application developers, software programmers, and data analysts.

Marketing Yourself Through Technology Has Never Been Easier

Earning advanced degrees and additional certifications in the IT field will ultimately help you increase your marketability and income. Whether through an online technology program or in-person instruction, the time you invest in being a lifelong learner will pay off in multiple ways.

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