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What coins can one mine with an A10 Pro Eth Miner?

A10 Pro Eth Miner

For quite a while, the Innosilicon A10 Pro Eth, also known as the ETH Miner King A10 Pro, was one of the best miners available. Its maximum hash rate of 500mh/s and power consumption of 960W made it pretty popular among crypto miners. And while those specs now pale compared to the newer, more powerful Linzhi Phoenix miner (2600 mh/s and 3500 watts per hour), the A10 Pro is far from being obsolete.

Currently, you can use the miner for various cryptocurrencies, including Ethereum, Ethereum Classic, Ubiq, Musicoin, Pirl, EtherGem, Litecoin, Callisto, and Quarkchain.


The Innosilicon A10 Pro is still one of the best pre-assembled Ethereum rigs available. This is because the miner offers an ideal balance of hash rate and power consumption, allowing you to make good profits while keeping the energy bills at an acceptable level.

How profitable is the A10 Pro Eth Miner?

Innosilicon estimates that the A10 Pro Eth rig will generate an income of $29.43 per day while consuming electricity worth $2.76. So, the net profit stands at $26.66  per day, $882.82 per month, and $10,593.83 per year. This makes it more profitable than most pre-assembled Ethereum rigs.

It’s not always a great idea to trust a manufacturer’s word without doing some research on your own. So,  it helps to put a rig through an Ethereum profitability calculator as you weigh your options. We did so with the A10 Pro Eth Miner, and in this case, Illisilicon was mostly accurate in its estimate.

Here are our results after inputting the mining rig’s hash rate, power consumption, and cost per kWh of electricity ($0.125 in the US) in the CryptoCompare profitability calculator;

  • The A10 Pro Eth rig will mine 0.07294 Ethereum in a day, 0.05105 in a week, 0.2188 in a month, and 2.66 Ethereum after a year.
  • At the current price of Ethereum, the net profit of one such rig stands at $26.15 per day, $183.06 per week, $784.56 per month, and $9,545.49 per year.
  • You would have also spent $1,052.88 on electricity bills in a year.

What about the other cryptocurrencies?

The A10 Pro Eth profit margins for other cryptocurrencies are significantly lower. For instance, the rig will mine you around 160.22 Ethereum Classic in one year. At the current rate of the coin, which is $35.15 for 1 ETC, you’ll get returns of $5,631. Take away the electricity costs, and you have a net profit of $4,524.38, which is more than half of what Etherium brings.

The second most profitable cryptocurrency to mine with the A10 Pro is Litecoin. This brings in around $5000 worth of profits in a year- close to half of what Etherium brings. Thus, while the rig can mine various cryptocurrencies, it’s most effective when applied to mine Ethereum.

How much does the rig cost?

You can get an A10 Pro Eth Miner from a variety of vendors. The price varies between vendors, the cheapest being $5,458.39 at Coin Mining Central. Other retailers, like Bitcoin Merch, sell a unit for as high as $13,699.99.

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