What Is Disney Plus Premier Access? You Need To Know

Disney Plus Premier Access can seem perplexing, but it effectively allows you to watch movies at home on the same day they are released in theatres. However, not all movies are available through Premier Access. Unfortunately, it is not included in the price of Disney+.

We’ll try to address any of your questions about Disney Plus Premier Access here, so you can have a better idea of what it is and whether it’s worth paying or not.

What is Disney Plus Premier Access?

Disney Plus Premier Access

When the epidemic began in 2020, Disney decided to postpone the release of all of its films. Mulan, on the other hand, will be released in September 2020 on a new program called Disney Plus Premier Access. It’s essentially an improved version of Disney Plus that allows you to watch new movies on the same day they hit theatres. Mulan, of course, did not open in theatres because they were still closed.

Essentially, for a one-time charge, you can see the film as many times as you like throughout its first release window. That is usually approximately 30 days. Mulan, for example, became accessible for viewing to all Disney Plus customers on December 4.

The charge is solely for watching it when it first comes out. The film is no longer available beyond its initial release window. As a result, this isn’t such a big deal. However, if you have a beautiful home theatre and invite a number of people over to watch the movie, you can split the cost, making it a little easier to swallow.

Beginning in September 2021, all future Disney films will be available in theatres just on the first day. They will then join Disney+ for the usual Disney+ charge roughly 45 days later. This means that Premier Access is no longer available.

How much does it cost?

Each movie in Disney Plus Premier Access costs $30. That is in addition to the Disney+ subscription that you will require. Which is now $7.99 per month (up from $6.99 per month on March 26).

Premier Access was initially announced as a temporary method for releasing films during the pandemic. However, we anticipate that this will expire in 2021. Black Widow and Cruella are among the last films to be made available through Disney Plus Premier Access. The rationale for this is that Disney will make more money on these films by bringing them to theatres and collecting box office revenue. This is significant because Disney needs to recoup the costs of creating these films. And Marvel (and Star Wars) films are not inexpensive to make.

We anticipate that Disney Plus Premier Access will be phased out in early 2022, if not sooner. After everyone has received their COVID-19 vaccine, the world will become more open.

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What movies are/were available on Disney Plus Premier Access?

Disney Plus Premier Access

As if Disney Plus Premier Access wasn’t confusing enough, the fact that not every movie that came out was available on Premier Access adds to the confusion.

Mulan, Raya, The Last Dragon, and Black Widow are or were all available through Disney Plus Premier Access. However, Soul, which will be released on Christmas Day 2020, was not included in Premier Access. All Disney Plus subscribers had access to it. Disney is only releasing its higher-profile films on Premier Access in order to recoup some of the lost box office money.

How do I purchase a movie on Premier Access?

Disney Plus Premier Access

Disney will show movies that are available or coming to Premier Access on the top section of the Disney Plus home screen, where you see the scrolling banners.

Simply click on the movie you wish to buy and you’ll be transported to a website with more information about it. This includes seeing the trailer. Then click “Get Premier Access,” and you’ll be taken through the payment process.