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What is the best family tracking app for parents?

best family tracking app

Not knowing where your children are and what are you doing can lead to anxiety in most parents. Every parent would like to know about their children all the time and protect them. Famisafe parental control application allows parents to access geofences, location history, and location tracking. This application provides a summary that gives great help in monitoring the offspring.

best family tracking app


In this digital world, children go out of reach of parents and summarise each other as they Grown-Ups. You can easily trust the premises of the FamiSafe parental control app Because this app lets you know about the live location of your child and location history too.

Best features of Famisafe parental app

1. Real-time location

You could easily track your kid’s real-time location to ensure the safety of their well-being. It is very mandatory in today’s mortal world, to keep a quick check on the location of your child. All the children are very notorious and therefore, you must keep an eye on their location. This app could easily help you out in this kind of situation and you could get the real-time location of your offspring.

2. Location history

You could check its location history by its timeline of location.  if you want to know the exact location of your child at a certain time then you could easily get it using the Famisafe location tracker app as this app offers you to get hey the location history of your kid’s timeline.

best family tracking app


3. Geofences

These fences are the specific zones that are created by Parents so that their child does not get out of the specific range of distance. If your child crosses these zones then you could get an instant alert on this function.

Tips for tracking the location of kids

1. Keep the devices powered

Kids are always advised not to go out with strangers. But their little mind does not understand this simple logic. You could keep all the devices of your child powered so that they could be used normally while going out.

2. Learn to use Maps

Your kids must have some basic knowledge of reading Maps. If they are lost or somewhere between the final and starting destination, they could use the map for the navigation. You also must have knowledge about Maps so that you could ask your child for their location.

3. Remember key information

You must remember the key information which is important about the family members. and your kid also should remember some important details such as home address and phone numbers in case of any emergency happened.

best family tracking app


Simple steps for getting registered in Famisafe

Step 1: – go to the Apple store, Google Play store, Amazon to download the application of Famisafe parental control app and the location tracker app. Now register on this by using your account.

Step 2: – Download of the application should be on both phones whether it could be Android or iOS. Being downloaded on both phones you could trace the location and location history of your child.

Step 3: – Complete all the essential details given on the desktop of the app on both devices so that you could get the best results out of it.


APPLE STORE –https://apps.apple.com/us/app/famisafe-parental-control-app/id1385417904

GOOGLE PLAY STORE –https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.wondershare.famisafe

AMAZON STORE –https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B0876SHYGC

What are Geo-fences

Geo-fences are the safe space you could create for your child according to your will. You get notified when the kids break their planned routine of going through these spaces. Your geo-fences may contain the spaces like School, park, and home no. You can always have the scope of your kid’s activity from this application. You could also set the time range of your word being at a particular place. you get or receive an alert when the kids leave the place you have set up for them.

Checking location history

If you have somehow missed the past routine of your child or you want to revise the past routine of your offspring you can directly go to this application to view the location history timeline. You will never have to ask your children about where they have been again and again. you can also know for what time they were there and for how long. You can also view the recent area activity end learn about the spaces where your child often goes.

best family tracking app


Helpful in getting your kid’s real-time location

Famisafe parental control app and location tracker Helps you to get the real-time location of your child. You can grasp your kid’s real-time location anytime you want to. You could even get the exact path followed by your child and the time taken by him or her to get the exact location. You could also get the knowledge about any strange or unsafe place visited by your child.